A life of love

A life of love
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hi all,
Well, the news is settling in a little as well as a few surprises. The children are ours and will soon be home! No dates as of yet, this last bit will be a wild ride.

We got birthdates and they place the kids as younger than we were initially told: 10 1/2, 9 and 8 - however these are most likely not correct. It is more likely that the original ages we were given are correct, this happens a lot in international adoption. We have decided not to worry about it at all - it would make no difference to us if we were told their birthdates were something ridiculous like three thousand years ago - the kids are who they are, the rest is just something to be aware of and to manage.

We are waiting to hear when the kids will be ready to travel. We have a travel agent who specializes in adoption who is all ready to help us book the best tickets we can get. We are exploring how to book these - praying that the reimbursement that we get will get here rapidly and in time to book those tickets, otherwise we will be creative. We have last minute things to arrange - paperwork with the state (and of course fees there), visas for Steve and all of that. He goes for his shots tomorrow.

The massive reorganization at the house is coming along - we were blessed with bunkbeds last night - I had let it be known that we were looking to buy a set and we were gifted them by a family who wanted to help - praying for God's blessings for them for their kindness!!! A piece at a day. The hunt is on for two mattresses and one boxspring and then all is ready as far as beds. I have a sawzall and now just need the chance to try to use it!! LOL! Then plastering and painting where we took the wall down, then moving all the boys' furniture.

Just in general we are overwhelmed. Preparations for the funeral are coming along and family is coming in from out of state, so things are busy there also. My strategy is to focus on one thing at a time, otherwise I just won't get anywhere. I know at some point the grief will set in, but it hasn't yet. I find it surreal that Grandma is gone. There has barely been a moment to even think about it for any length of time. It will hit soon, but I am just trying to keep going.

The Music Man opens on Thursday night - same day as the funeral. Steve and Alex will of course be tied up with that. Two of the children will go with Steve's mother and sister to the last rehearsal - which is actually a run of the show, just with family and friends. A couple days later I will take the other two children with me and my parents to see it ourselves. I have no idea when as of yet but am looking forward to it!!! And we have to do the last preparations for fair!!!!! I hav two weeks, two weeks. Breathe.

I cannot wait to show photos. I know that legally I can as the children are now adopted, but I think we will wait until they are on the plane coming home. I don't want to take any chances at this time.

I will try to post a more profound post soon, but just don't have the brain cells right now.


Hezra said...

I have started comments for your last three posts and get interrupted and lose them. I am surprised yet again how similar our lives seem. I was laughing the other day when you were saying, building fence, and working on boys dorm. Today the bed hunting. WE have done all those things the last several months. Even the losing a dear relative. I have finally got all our beds ready.(and we were given bunk beds too!!!) We have the fence about finished! The boyus dorm is about done. I am swamped with the last details of every room. We are 5 kids now and getting two from El Salvador hopefully before the end of the year. Know that we are praying for you and leading a very similar life!

Christy O said...

Thank you for sharing. Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones going through this craziness - wonderful as it is, crazy nonetheless! Praying for you as you also prepare!