A life of love

A life of love
Everyone should have a Great Pyrenees

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Update on the busy homestead!

I am trying to figure out how to put the last few weeks in perspective.  So much has happened, God has so much in the works!

The babies are settling in well - and challenging every boundary we give them, which is normal for where they are in life and in the adoption transition.  They are growing, bonding, learning and developing.  I am forever amazed at the gifts God gives young children.  The resiliency, the ability to learn rapidly, all of it.  Challenging to parent at times, but wonderful to see!

On another note, we are seeing a lot going on at home.

Last week Tuesday, Zeri got hurt in soccer, the last game of the season.  First fifteen minutes of the game - so glad I didn't just have Alex drop the boys off at soccer, and went to the entire game myself.  To make a long story short, Zeri and I took an ambulance ride, while our dear, wonderful small town neighbors, and my crew of kids made sure everyone was just fine and got safely home after the soccer game.  Zeri broke his tibia, not the fibula (the small bone in his lower leg), just the bigger bone.  Quite a lot of pain, and thankfully no head injury, though this mama saw her boy flip right over the goalie from afar (I was on the playground with the toddlers, watching the game).  He had surgery the next day to put a rod in the broken bone and is expected to make a wonderfully good recovery and return to sports.  It was quite a test of our family and all that we have raised our kids for - they banded together, took care of each other, some dropped plans and returned to the family unit to care for everyone while Steve and I took care of Zeri.  We got so many compliments on how well our kids did, even in the uncertainty and worry of the moment.  I am very proud of them!  And there are many advantages to being in small community - so many wonderful people stepped up to make sure that the kids were okay, even while they were handling things well, it was so wonderful to know that they had so many helping hands at their resources in a moment of pure crisis.  I am so thankful and cannot thank everyone enough.

We are also preparing for one child to leave on a wonderful endeavor, though earlier than we would have planned.  Kiley has been asked to be a Young Rider for a huge, wildly competitive Dressage (Equestrian) program near Chicago.  It is a huge honor, a huge opportunity, and a great stretch for our very close family.  She will be living four hours away, in a great family setting, in a setting that trains international and potential Olympian Equestrian riders.  She will learn so much.  We are just stunned.  She is anxious to go, terrified, coping with the concept and all of that.  It is basically an apprenticeship.  She will learn so much.  We are blessed that she has a great support system, including a sponsor, and will be in great hands.  We had planned on this at a later date, but she is well able to do this.  It is a great stretch, but we know that God has His hands on her, and has a plan for her that we cannot envision.  KYB Equestrians is wonderful and has really proven to be the right choice.  She will work hard, but learn so much.  As sad as I may be at moments, I know that God has His loving hands on her, and will lay her path straight as we continue to support her life and growth.  We spent several days down there, and to say that it felt similar to our home in attitude, support and training, would be an understatement.  We are thrilled and shaken at the same time.  Prayer appreciated as we enter this new phase in life!

Alex enters his senior year -enough said.  Yikes.  So much to prepare him for!  He is working his way to adulthood.  We are so proud of him and all the hard work he puts in.

Faith and DeeDee continue their dog training, having passed their obedience two class, ready for agility when it begins!  Amazing!  Proud of all the work they do!

Tsion is pursuing her interest in fashion and is preparing for some special classes that are in the process of being arranged.

Ben and Solomon are looking forward to middle school soccer - their last year.  What an energetic crew!

Aman is continuing his music studies, and being a great help to everyone!  We look forward to more art this year!!!

I am generally worn out by the end of the day, hence the less frequent postings.  But, my writing continues!  I just got word that another of my articles was purchased!  Hooray!  

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11