A life of love

A life of love
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Adoption Video!

I think I figured out how to get this put up here!  I forgot that I can "embed" YouTube videos onto my blog!!!!  Duh!!!!  So, you can hear and see what we did more easily!  I am trying to put in a chip in button so you can see the progress towards the goal.  At this point we are about 1/4 of the way to needed funds for the adoption!  Working like crazy!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Adventures in an ongoing life!

I am trying to be a much better blogger, but life is busy!  Last night dear hubby returned home from a business trip, just in time to sing for a benefit for a Christian School in the area.  It was great, as always.  I love it when he sings with this band - it is a Christian Swing band, a big band and plays a lot of things similar to Denver and the Mile High Orchestra (whom I have been blessed to see once!).  I have several that are favorites.  One is "Saved and Free", and mostly because I know how close that hits home to my hubby and that when he sings it, it really means a lot to him.

The other from last night is: "Souled Out Holey Shoes".  I cannot find it on YouTube, but if you know it or look it up, it is well worth it.  What spoke to me last night was how we are called to do the best we can for Christ.  Whatever it is that we are called to do, God can use.  He created us, to be who we were needed to be.  Basically, it was encouraging us to be sold out for doing the best we can for our Lord, at whatever it is, each moment and each day.  Well, it occurred to me as I looked down the row at my children and then up at my husband belting out this amazing song, well, it occurred to me that God has taken two simple midwestern kids, with simple talents and used them for his work.  I am always stunned at Steve's skills and how much he means each thing he sings (he really puts his heart into it, and what this chooses is so in line with Steve's heart).  To hear him using the gifts God has given him is always amazing.

And then to think about me.  Simple, midwestern kids - all I wanted to be was a mom some day.  My career path was totally created around serving others, and being available to raise my own kids.  My greatest hope and joy was to be a wife and mom.  And I scanned down the row at my crew, with all their uniqueness, their amazingness, and I am so humbled and amazed.  God created me with the desires HE put in me.  I am so grateful that He has allowed me to use those desires to His purposes.  He has so granted me the desires of my heart - He placed them in my heart, and if I allow Him to, He will use them for His good, as well as the good of others.  Sometimes it requires being willing to go a bit out of your comfort zone (or way out!!!).  Can I just clarify for everyone that I never set out to be the mom to ten kids (though am happy about it), or to EVER have left the country to go to AFRICA!!!  I am so not a world traveller.  I would be most content to be at home on our hobby farm with my family and animals.  Talk about being stretched!!!  When I went to Ethiopia to bring Solly and Zeri home, I cried all the way to the Milwaukee airport - about two hours from here!  Honestly, I did not think I was going to be able to move my legs enough to board that airplane!  This was NOT in MY plans!  But I did, and I cannot even describe how life changing it was!  Honestly, God's plans were much better than my plans!  I do feel like He has used the desires and skills he created me with to be a part of the tapestry he is weaving!

Anyway, it struck me how we each have that role.  God created us with interests, drives, desires, and He did so purposefully.  We can totally use those things to serve God, whatever it is.  Even the simple things, how we interact with others as we go about our day, the grace we extend to others, doing the best we can at whatever it is we are to do - whether we like it or not - some jobs are just boring!  But, you never know what God will use - it might be your laundry task, or your bookkeeping, or someone just observing as they pass.  You just never know.  I am amazed at times how many people know who we are, as we are out and about (yeah, we do stand out and live in a small community).  Sometimes someone will come up and tell me about somewhere they saw us and what they observed - and I realize how we are always a witness, even in the little things.

So, God made you who you are, as you are, for a reason.  You can be sold out for God, doing what he means for you to do, and quite often in mundane things.

Since I couldn't find the song I wanted, and I love Denver and the Mile High Orchestra (though I like to hear my husband sing it more!!!)  I am trying to put in a YouTube video of them doing "Stand".  I highly recommend their music, though I have to admit that I mostly listen to their older stuff.  But maybe that is because I am "old" - hee, hee.

God bless you all!  Look back one post to see a link to our video that my son made along with a dear friend of ours about our adoption.  We are so blessed and I hope we said something that is meaningful to you.  I could talk forever on what adoption means to us, what family means to us, and why we believe that (especially) Christians are called to adopt, and why it is so important to God.  And why if we cannot or aren't called, why we need to be advocates and supporters of the orphans and adoptive families!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, February 25, 2011

New update!!! God is moving!!!

Just wanted to send an update - adoption has been a roller coaster, ups and downs, documents disappearing in the mail, and then reappearing and on and on.  BUT...

We are going!!!  Progress is amazing, our updated homestudy is nearing completion, we have our first set of fees in to the international agency, thanks to donations and our tax return and extra hours!!!!!  We still have lots to go, but we have seen huge headway in the last week or two.  It looks like it will be six to nine months before we can bring the girls home, but i am at peace with that.  Of course, the sooner the better, but we are seeing forward progress, so I keep plugging away!

A dear friend wanted to make a video for us, actually there will end up being several in the end, but the longest one (about ten minutes) is done now and up on YouTube.  Here is the YouTube address for it:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joqC8hlq4Nc.  You will have to copy and paste because my dearest darling husband and computer guru isn't home to tell me how to post it as a link.  I have almost memorized how to do it, but don't have it down.  We do have a "donate" button on the side, if God should move your heart.  As all of us know, every little bit helps and our God is all about multiplying!!!!  I am continually amazed at Him and His provision. 

It was fun to try to explain a little about our life and adoption and all.  I hope we did it well.  Please let me know what you thought about the video.  Our eldest son was our videographer and editor (he wants to do this professionally and will be beginning an internship in it in the next month or two, so he is well on his way).  He spent many hours working on this and I am so proud of his efforts!!!  Thank you Alex!  You are a great help for your little sisters!

God bless you all this most wonderful day!  I hope we all are feeling a little closer to spring!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, February 7, 2011

Breath of Heaven....

I am playing Amy Grant's Breath of Heaven on my computer now, and watching cats with catnip.

Ever have a day that seemed to go really well, and when it was done you just might have missed the boat?  For me that generally induces a panic attack.  Quiet and internal, but there.  Today I worked most of the day, the kids were well cared for, everyone fine, I got everywhere I was supposed to and got done what was on my list.  But when I got home I felt like I had spent the whole day on the wrong track and no one knew it but me.  And I couldn't see it until just now. 

We know that these few days of working are of limited time, and to meet specific needs, for a limited time, but when I get home, I feel a sudden overwhelming crushing stress.  Not that things aren't done, not that everyone isn't fine, but just there.

I know that the place I belong is home, and heaven knows, there is enough to do here to keep me forever busy, even with the energy of the Energizer Bunny.  This is totally where my heart is, where my value is.  I know that this is another season, that God is holding me up, holding us all up, preparing us for whatever season he has called us to. 

Breath of heaven, hold me together, be forever near me, Breath of heaven. 

Breath of heaven, lighten my darkness, pour over me your holiness for you are holy.

But I offer all I am for the mercy of your plan.

As a mother, my main goal is to be here for my children and my deepest desire is to be here for every second.  I so am fed off of being with them, they are my strength and my purpose.  This is who I am at this point in time.  I know it is a season, and I am determined to glean every bit of it that I can.  This is the season I am in, this is the season I am called to be focused in.  I know that one day I will look back and wonder where the time went. 

And I just want to know that I did everything that God called me to do in this season of my life.  This is my chance to really pour into my childrens lives.  I can have more influence on their futures at this point than I will be able to at later times.  I want to know that I did everything they needed me to do. 

Maybe this is the prayer of every mother.  This is certainly my prayer.  I don't want to miss a moment.  I don't want to waste a moment.

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Green Bay Packers - SuperBowl Champs!

Just a quick note!  We are huge Green Bay fans here - Steve and I both basically grew up in Green Bay and our family lived there until we moved to the farm!  What a great game, two strong teams, as it should be!  But wow, hard on the heart and vocal cords!  So, congratulations Green Bay Packers!!!!!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11