A life of love

A life of love
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Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am taking a moment to update, in between putting in new fencing with the family, washing dishes and laundry, and generally doing a ton of stuff. We had both taken the day off in order to go to a visit with several other families, but at the very last minute it got cancelled. No way to get back on the schedule for work at that point, so it was a surprise day off. And boy are we putting it to use!!!

As you saw from the last post, things have really changed. We have not been able to get any more medical information, but our concerns have really gotten things going. The children will have a court date next week, but we don't know when - I suspect they are squeezing it in. Then the agency is going to be rushing things, getting a "medical evac" so we can get the kids home rapidly. It could be very fast, possibly as soon as two weeks from court date - a huge, huge, huge difference from the travel dates at the end of September that we had been expecting!!! Terrible to NEED this to happen like this, but wonderful that it CAN.

So, the current status is that there are a flurry of things going on - many emails and contacts with the adoption agency, getting an adoption bond, clarifying where things need to do with the state, talking to the travel agency, calling our medical specialists for the two kids that need them, and trying to stay calm and rational in the midst of all the unknown - and July is our busiest month with Steve and Alex being in The Music Man that runs July 9 to 16, the kids at county fair the week of July 19 and then three kids going to camp the last week of July (if we can still afford it by then), and soccer tournaments the first weekend in August. And now possibly Steve travelling to Ethiopia to bring the kids home.

The wall is not yet down in between the two rooms that are being made into the "boys dormitory".

The new bunkbeds are not here yet.

We will be having to figure out how to reserve tickets without having the cash in hand as we still have to get that from where it is parked, and praying that it can come rapidly.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Both the neurology clinic and the endocrinology clinic have been alerted to our situation. The hardest thing to get them to understand is that we have NO information like they are used to, and we still won't have it when we get back. As soon as we have travel dates we will schedule appointments for those kids at their respective clinics so we can get good medical care started.

We have talked to the travel agency and our costs are going to be in the ballpark of $5600, though we are going to certainly get more precise prices once we know when we need to actually really travel. We know that we will have an adoption reimbursement from an employer that will more than cover that, but given how rapidly this is happening, it is unknown if we can access that as soon as we might need in order to reserve tickets.

Please pray! If you know anyone who might want to help, please let them know our situation. I know it is all temporary, but it is what it is.

Things are looking good for getting things moved along quickly and possibly even have the kids home yet this month, though everything is variable. So, we are praying for health for the kids and for things to move as God wills. I know by next week we will know more and just see how this shakes out.

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