A life of love

A life of love
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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sawzall anyone?

I have no idea if I spelled that correctly and just simply didn't feel like looking it up. Oh, well, it is early.

The next project, along with continuing the fencing, is getting that wall down to make the boys' dormitory. It should go easily, but as we all know with renovations, that doesn't mean a thing. The fencing is about 1/3 up - small incident yesterday put things a bit behind schedule, plus the discovery that the ground is layers - a nice topsoil, with gravel down a foot or so, and then another foot or so down it is sand - just like beach sand!!! Huh. I don't think part of it has ever been farmed, it is down in a meadow area, but there is just no way to know at this point. Interesting to wonder how it all ended up that way - wondering if all the land around here has this makeup?

We are trying to keep the momentum going, so I am looking to borrow or rent a sawzall, though likely in reality, unless I think I can handle it myself, it will have to wait until next weekend. Hubby and eldest son will be having every free moment tied up from Sunday until July 16th with the Music Man production at St. Norbert's University. I am so pleased for them, we all will attend at some point during the week long run and are looking forward to it! And then comes the fair, and then camp, and then soccer tournaments - oooh, I just cannot think that far out anymore, it makes my head spin.

Wonder how a sawzall works? Think I can manage it on my own? Hmmmm.

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gbmom2407 said...

We had a sawzall (spelling sounds good to me) actually we still have it be we can't get the blade out of it... sorry or we would let you borrow it. So nice to talk to you. Praying for you and your ENTIRE family. Happy day.