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A life of love
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Please pray!

You all know that we are awaiting a court date on the three children in Ethiopia - well we got an update on the boys today, and the older boy, who lives with diabetes (as does Kiley) is having trouble medically. His labs were not normal and indicate that his diabetes is not in good control at all. We are panicked as that means that he could be at high risk for a diabetic crisis in short order. We are begging the adoption agency to move things quickly, to beg for early court dates and early visa dates. At this point we are looking at a court date possibly the third week in July and then travel likely ten weeks after that - this is simply too long given his medical condition!!!! If you could send up prayers for A and for the quick movement on this entire issue, I would be so appreciative.

The way we handle these things and the way things are handled there are very different. I am absolutely terrified as I look at all the numbers, they are not good. This can have an impact on A not only today, but the consequences for the rest of his life are significant. Complications from diabetes are the long term issues, I am personally afraid of the more short term threats medically. I so would appreciate any prayers and support. Tonight I am terrified. I know what it is to live with this, we do it day and day out, but to not be able to make things better, it is horrible..... I know we serve a big God, a huge God who can protect A from everything and keep all the kids safe. I know that, but this mama is scared and I cannot do a thing to help him. I look at our medical cabinet full of what I know he needs and there is nothing I can do. I could send things, but would they use it, would they know how to use it???? It is all so different.

So, thanks for listening, I hope to have updates soon - the adoption agency is on it intensely as I was a bit forthright about the medical situation and the potentials. They have promised to get me more information tomorrow and work hard to move things on. I know that they will, they have been amazing. But we are now stuck in bureaucracy between two countries and the entire process. Will they look at this particular child and his particular needs? I don't know.

On the upside - I took the kids strawberry picking tonight and we filled six ice cream buckets! A long night later and we have lots of jam and five gallon bags of fresh frozen strawberries. What a crew! We had so much fun, made such a mess, ate so many strawberries! It was great! And they want to do it again!!! Well ,the last jars are cooling (1:30 AM) and I am heading to bed - I sen the last of the kids to bed at midnight. Amazing what we can all get done, but I am just done in!

Thank you so much, and for the opportunity to vent about our current situation. Thank you for any prayers and support!

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gbmom2407 said...

Praying for peace in your hearts and a prompt response/action from the agency. (my computer has been down and then we were in SD. Thanks for checking on me. Put a few pics on my blog. More to be updated when we get home from the weekend). Stay firm in your faith. HE works in his own time.