A life of love

A life of love
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Greetings from fair!!!

Hi all,
We have completed two full days of showing animals, one more showing day to go and then just general care and fun for the rest of the weekend. It is a bit difficult what with caring for the animals at home and the ones at the fair. It means double duty, plus all the extra work of carting things for the ones at the fairgrounds. We promised the kids an overnight at the fairgrounds so that is upcoming too. We always put up a tent to give us a base to work from - a place to rest when it is needed, a place to store coolers and food, and a place to collect everyone and even store show clothes. So, things are on the move.

Overall the kids have done very well. We have several reserve champions, and an overall champion, and several top blues as well as lots of blues, reds and some whites and pinks. I think there are two trophies so far, but I am a bit bleary, so I am not sure - there may be more. The kids have earned what they got.

I love fair, it is a great time to build relationships with friends from 4H and the community, make new friends and get to know our area. We have made a lot of good friends and this is our time to get to spend time together. Unless you experience this, you just really don't get it - I never did until we did it. It is hard to explain and show.

Wow, I think this post is really showing how tired we are. One more goat to milk at home, chickens to lock up and then back to the fairgrounds. We will be up late tonight (last night it was after 12:30 before we were done and in bed) and up early tomorrow to get chores done before the kids show (today it was up at 5:45). The kids are dying to get back to the rides. They showed rabbits from 9 until nearly 2:30 (or was it three??) and then were free to take part in all the rides and fun of the fair. I love living in a small town! The kids head out in groups and stay in groups (that we really like) and Mom and Dad bounce between them all. It is really fun, but it is taking everyone's strength.

Turns out we left the coffee pot on this morning when we left, so I am going to fill up something huge with all that was in the pot!

I would like to have more coherent thoughts soon and put together a more thought provoking post. I will post photos of the chicken washing process as soon as we are home and settled back in.

If you could pray with us, we are awaiting the call that the needed paper from the office in Ethiopia is in the hands of the adoption agency. Once that is in place, they will be able to advise us on travel dates. Could you please pray with us that this paper will be completed - we were hoping for it each of the last two days, and there is no word yet. We are very anxious to get the children home and begin the makings of our new life. I know God's hand is on it all, that He can see what all is the best for everyone and for his purposes.

Love to you all!

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