A life of love

A life of love
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not exactly our favorite email this morning...

CWAE’s Country Representative informed us this morning of the following:

The most shocking news is that MoWA staff went out of office and will be occupied with PBR discussion for the next two weeks, starting from today. The court will not either see cases until MoWA staff finish their discussion . This was also posted at the court today.
So the court dates we have between July 09 and 22 will be postponed to dates beyond July 22.
The new schedule will be posted at the court tomorrow . Not only that, those cases that were approved this week will not be processed since MoWA will be closed for the next two weeks .

We have spent the day grappling with what effects this will have on cases currently in the pipeline. As best we can understand at the moment, this means that …

• Only a handful of CWA cases, scheduled over the next two weeks, will be postponed until after MoWA returns to the office and can submit letters of recommendation to the court.
• Embassy dates for a number of families will be further delayed because letters from MoWA are required after a court decision in order to both secure birth certificates, as well as notify the US Embassy that the adoptions have been finalized.
• It is highly unlikely that there will be any new cases put on the court docket before the recess. We are hopeful that cases already in process will be heard. Otherwise, documents being submitted from now can only hope to be scheduled for hearing dates when court reopens in October.

This is distressing news for all of us. Case Managers will notify their families individually as soon as we know how this impacts each family.
Please be patient over the next several days as we sort things out and get back to you.

So, this wasn't the news we wanted for today. It means that our case is set back but hopefully only slightly. We are so grateful that the children passed court on Monday, otherwise it would be unable to be done at all before October!!!! So, we are very thankful! Hopefully this will only set us back just a little, that the "medical evac" status will enable MoWA to get the needed documents rapidly when they open again. In some ways this increases the anxiety - worrying that we will be waiting longer to get the kids home to medical care, but also gives us a tiny bit of breathing room as we prepare. We are not counting on it I we are fairly certain that God will continue to move things through as is in His plan (not necessarily ours).

We are off to the funeral now, so it will be a long day.

The entire family was able to see the family night of The Music Man and it was absolutely fabulous! I was so amazed. And to see my hubby dancing and all of that - wow! Yah think ya know someone!!! LOL! It was great!

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