A life of love

A life of love
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

At Day 12

Sorry that things have been so quiet!

For a long time as I read adoption email discussion groups on the internet, I was perplexed about all the negative things that were being discussed. At one point I remember wondering why we never seemed to discuss the positive. Was it because there wasn't any, though that was far from our experience and life. Was it because ... Well, I don't know. At one point, I began to wonder if it was because the people who were doing well were too busy with their life to be rehashing issues over and over? Sounds judgemental and all that so I tossed it aside. But it was the continued trend. I don't seem to see the same thing in most of the blogging world, but in the support forums, that was what was there. As our life has accelerated, I am again wondering about the same thing. I would certainly say that things are going well, which means that there is a lot going on, and simply, by the time I have the entire crew in bed, well, I am pooped and have no brain cells to be of any good to anyone or even mildly entertaining!

So my apologies to anyone who might have been waiting/praying/worrying. We are good.

Everyone is settling in. Not that there have not been bumps in the road, as expected. But we are seeing positive progress and a lot of very typical "kid" behavior. And lots of things that are cultural - in Ethiopia, it is very common to wear the same clothes for a week unless they become visibly dirty. Needless to say, trying to teach that I expect new clothes on them each day has been a bit confusing for them. Just the way we do it here! And bathroom issues. Mom and Dad have each addressed it and things are improving - but this is a new thing for them. None of this is new to us, in fact it is a lot of deja vu as with Zeri and Solly we had many of the same things. But this time I have TRANSLATORS!!!! Whoo-hoo! Lots of things like that - doors to the outside need to be shut - out here if you don't then we are engulfed by flies or barn cats, neither of which I want in my house! But, over there, you don't shut doors, they are always left open unless you are leaving or something. Different here. It just is. So, nothing but the day to day and slowly living a life together, becoming the new family that we now are.

We have had many doctor's appointments - Aman is doing very well, though certainly doesn't understand his diabetes well, but that is OK. Working on that. It will come. He is doing well medically. Really. And he is an interesting young man with a neat sense of humor and willing to really step out and join in! Aben has his physical tomorrow, but I don't anticipate any issues. Of course all the kids are having lots of bloodwork done to make sure they are healthy and to check on vaccination needs.

Tsion is a bit more medically right now and we would love it if you would include her in your prayers. We may have a cause for her seizures and it may be something that can be relieved. There might be a potential that she might not have seizures if we can resolve this. But right now, she has excess fluid in the ventricles in her brain, which pushes on her brain. It likely has been building for some time and fits with the timeline of when she started having seizures. We did CAT scan and EEG this morning and were referred for a couple specific MRIs of the brain and spinal cord which will be done mid September. Then we meet with the neurosurgeon. Just all that information alone had me needing to process. But, I just need a short time to have my small freak out, and then we can move on. I just need to process for a short time and then we get on with life. It was scary to get all those terms and consider what may come. We were told to expect that it is likely that she will need a shunt. I know that these are nearly routine (as much as something like this can be) and that it can be very successful. (Can you tell I have had a small time to process?) It will all be OK. We have skilled doctors who can help and God is not surprised by this at all. We will just take it one step at a time and not look too far beyond the next step until it is time. In some ways I am glad that we have hope of helping her, we have been praying that somehow her epilepsy might not be truly that and that there is something more that can be done for her. This never occurred to me. So, that is where we are with that.

Tsion is coming out of her shell more and more, is interacting more with everyone, not just with Faith who is by far her favorite. She has an adorable laugh and when she smiles her whole face just lights up. It is lovely to see this small flower bloom!

All the other kids are doing very well. It is neat to see everyone reaching out and sort of "re-inventing" who they are now as our family has changed. Everyone has their own talents, but this is all added to by the talents of the others. Aman has quite a talent for drawing and Kiley has declared him her "master" in drawing so he is teaching her his techniques and they really enjoy this together. Solly loves having someone with about as much energy as he has at home to play with!!!!!

Well, hubby is home from play practice, so I am going to sign off for now and will try to post more when I can!

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