A life of love

A life of love
Everyone should have a Great Pyrenees

Thursday, August 13, 2009

All seems to be well...

We got a couple emails through in the last 24 hours. The general uptake is that things seem to be going well. Aman has more English than any of the three and Steve seems to be able to communicate pretty well with him. The others not as much, Tsion the least, but hopefully that is because she is unsure of herself. Either way, it will be what it will be. They will be boarding their plan about 4PM our time, I think - it is all getting a bit muddled. Today Steve is doing a bit of running or errands, getting the things on the list we gave him. I really simply don't care about the spices or anything anymore. I just want them all home. Now.

We are still slotted to head to the ER, it is now settling down a bit and appears that it will be more of an unconventional office visit to get things started and the big visit to get medical care really on board will be very early Monday morning. We are hopeful that Steve will be able to come with us and then work in Milwaukee after that. This is all going to be very challenging especially in the beginning. We will get the other kids started on medical care yet this week, but the others aren't quite as urgent from a day to day standpoint.

We are putting lots of things together to be "ready" and of course I am obsessing about everything, wanting so much to do everything, it all stands out, though most of it really isn't important. Nesting??? I don't know. Probably controlling what I can. And I am trying to enjoy these days with the big kids. It is fun to do the things that we might not do otherwise - like watch thrillers - not horror movies, no sex or gore, just scary. We all love it, though are having unconventional sleeping arrangements as we freak ourselves out late at night. Hah! We even stopped one movie to watch in the daylight as we were all on the edges of our seats!

Better run, they are calling that they finished chores and are ready to watch the end of that particular movie! LOL.

Will update as there is time. Thanks for all the prayers. I am so ready for this longest week in history to be over and our new journey begun!

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