A life of love

A life of love
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

and another era is about to begin!

I got an email from Steve. He made it there well, and didn't sleep much during all the 27 hours of travel, even though I told him to sleep while he could - that may be a good thing, since by the time he was there and able to email us, it was 10:30PM there. He was very tired, so hopefully is sleeping and will then be adjusted to the time change. I don't know about jet lag, I was so excited, stressed and discombobulated when I was there, I simply didn't care about sleep or anything.

In the email we got, it sounded like he was to pick up the kids about 9:30 AM Monday - we had origionally thought it would be Tuesday! I think he is excited and terrified at the same time!!! I find I spend a great deal of time here fighting back tears in general. I think it is just a great deal of emotion and all of our thoughts and hearts are really in Ethiopia. Every little bit someone is asking me what time it is over there and what do you think Dad is doing. I cannot believe that this all is happening. It was fast, less than seven months by the time he gets home, but it also seemed so long at times. I am so overwhelmed in general.

I am hoping to do some sewing this week - all the kids have grown so much they need new pajama pants and I want to make some for the new kiddos too. I am going to be sewing a "twirly skirt" for a friend's daughter (a good trade for several buckets of cherries!) but I think I will try out the pattern on all THREE of my girls first!!!! It looks easy and fun. Damn, now I am blubbering again. Keeps happening. Hope no one sees!

I don't sleep when Steve is gone, will try some melotonin tonight. Need some rest. The two youngest are going to camp tomorrow and I have to get in some hours at work. The three oldest will keep me plenty busy! I am hoping to start some schooling with them and get us on track for the school year. I know that we will keep busy, but all our thoughts are in Ethiopia and we check the computer constantly for any updates, even when we know there won't be any. Why I am crying all the time, I am not sure! I know it is just emotions, I keep comparing it to being near the pregnancy with my bio kiddos. You know that this momentous event changes everything for the entire family, and that we will never be the same. And yet you really cannot wait. And when I am really tired, I know that this will be exhausting as well as uncharted territory. Maybe I recall too well how intense it was when Zeri and Solly came home. It wasn't bad, just very intense and full of energy. And I know that it is coming.

I cannot wait to meet them , to know their personalities, to just get to know them in general. I cannot figure out how God has chosen us for this, given us this great gift of these wonderful children. It is such a blessing, in the midst of the mundane at times. It is so neat to talk to Zeri and Solly these last few weeks - the homecoming has brought up such memories and thoughts and they are sharing so much with us. It is so neat to be able to talk about it now. They are really amazing kids and in general, just kids. Just as we are just parents. That's all, nothing extraordinary. Just parents, parenting the kids in our home the best we can. Looking for their God given talents and leanings and trying to nurture them to who God has made them to be. I am so amazed everyday. And there are many struggles, but they are all worth it.

Well, time for a site change for Kiley's insulin pump, so have to run! Diabetes never takes a rest! And then I am headed to bed!

Love to all, please pray for Steve and the kids, and that I am not a blubbering fool!!!


Laurie N said...

Hang in there, Christy. Somehow it will all work out okay, and Steve and the kids will be home soon.

gbmom2407 said...

A great big WOOOOOOOHOOOOO! From all of us. (by the way, if you are in town this week yet, swing by on your way home, my freezer is busting at the seems and I need to get your box out of there!). Glad to hear the updates, keep them coming.
Happy day