A life of love

A life of love
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We are getting there!

It is a cold and rainy night here and listening to the wind howl makes me very glad that I am snug and warm inside.

Just thought I would update.

Life is moving along. Soccer season has started and to coincide with that Steve (DH) and Alex (eldest son) got parts in the Dudley Birder production of The Music Man!!! So, thankfully, because Alex's part is smaller, he won't need to be at rehearsals until the end of June, so can continue soccer. Steve on the other hand, got a larger role and is now at rehearsals nightly during the week. I am so very excited for him!!! He did many musicals in high school (and somehow I only got to see the ones that he WASN'T in!!!) and sings extensively at our church and with a Christian swing band, so it is a huge part of his life!!! He is so excited, intimidated and working hard at it - what a blessing! Everyone is very excited for him and anxious to see the production!!!

Our dossier should be on it's way to Ethiopia by now, after having made the trips to the American and Ethiopian embassies in Washington DC last week. Things are moving very rapidly. In our agency, when we move beyond the document phase, we get a new caseworker, and she had been gone for the last few days, so I am anxious to get all the next details! What I understand is that the dossier will go to Ethiopia and be translated. Translation can take up to two weeks. Once that is done, our case can be submitted to court. In order to be submitted to court, we have to have the final fees paid in full. I get it. Ugh. As of Friday, we should be down to $9000, as long as the stupid brakes on the van don't cost too much! I am amazed at how fast we have been able to do this, but am now praying fervently for the final amount! I would greatly appreciate any prayers on this issue!

We did two weekends of donut sales at church, a daylilly sale, and are doing a rummage sale this weekend. Our other produce things get sent in regularly and right now there is nearly $200 waiting to be sent in. God is very faithful and has never been late. We have grant applications out there, but don't expect to hear from them anytime soon, most likely not until July or August, and by that time we hope to have the kids home or be just about to travel! Oh, well, it will perhaps repay anything we might have borrowed to get this done. If anyone wanted to assist in this, there is a button on the right hand side, and all donations are tax deductible and go directly to the agency and applied to our fees, we never even have it in our hands. I like that.

But, as it looks now, we could possibly get a late June court date, or maybe early July? That is what we are praying for. If we were to pass court on the first try, then we would travel five weeks later. I am so hopeful we can get the kids home during nice weather and settled in before winter. Also, we have met our family out of pocket deductible on our health insurance, so it sure would be nice to get all the kids in to the specialists and better medical treatment while we don't have to deal with that.

I am so very grateful for this entire experience! God is so good! I cannot explain how this has happened so fast, sometimes I have to remind myself that we committed to this in the end of January!!! My mommy heart wants these kiddos home, wants my two that need the doctors to be in and under better medical care. I want all my kids under one roof, on one continent!! LOL! What a thought.

We have been asked to be interviewed by a local paper - a small one, so no biggie. Steve will be talking to the reporter tomorrow. We just want our story to speak to other people's hearts for the waiting kids out there. What if one more could have a home and family? What if one more could get lifesaving medical care? What if one more family could be blessed? What if? I know that at some point our house and family will be full, unable to expand anymore, but how do you turn away? I don't know. I don't know if we will consider adopting again. I don't know. When is enough enough? I don't know. I think there is always more that needs to be done, but there are seasons in life. Right now, this is this particular season. I don't know how long it will last or where it will lead. I at least want to know that when I stand before my Lord that I can say "I did all that I could do" - or maybe I will just slide in and say "wow, what a ride!". LOL. Just kidding. But it seems that there is so much out there to do. God had led us on this road and we are just trying to stay walking on it, even when it is difficult to see. One step at a time. That is how we have done so many experiences - Kiley's diagnosis and dealing with diabetes, foster parenting, mentoring teen moms, our first adoption, moving to our farm and building it, and now this. Just one step at a time. There are times I wish we could jump over some spots, but that isn't possible. So, we just keep asking for God's guidance with each step and to the next one. I don't know where he will lead us, but we will follow.

Anyway, I hope you are staying warm on this rainy spring night! I will post more photos soon - it has been a busy spring! Gotta love spring on the farm - the baby goats are hysterical chasing each other around, and now a hen is sitting on some eggs so in about three weeks we should have some little peepers!!! We don't let many of our hens go broody (they want to sit on a nest and hatch them out), but now is the right time of year to do it! This way the little ones will be full grown long before cold weather and healthy to weather the winter and add to our egg laying flock! Whoo-hoo! We should have quite a flock! I so love, love, love free range eggs! Makes the extra work worth it - but the kids love the constant "easter" egg hunt! Daily! LOL!

Happy Spring and God bless!

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Anna said...

Sweet Christy;
You are so very busy all the time, and have so much love in your heart!
I am very proud to call you my friend!

Good luck on all of your blessed endeavors, including getting to the right doctors. (I know how that can be).

Sending all my prayers to your home this morning.