A life of love

A life of love
Everyone should have a Great Pyrenees

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Advantages to being sick...

An advantage to being sick - you have to stay home for at least part of the day. Whoa. In my current life, that is totally unheard of. Though I am sort of grateful that it waited until after my Bible study last night (amazing by the way - Fields of the Fatherless with a hands on bent!).

Other advantage, I cannot sleep because I am used to the alarm going off at five. Have I ever mentioned that I am a slow starter and hate mornings? Yep, terrible. This season is stretching me, and now I cannot sleep past 6AM. The advantage of that is that I can return emails and check out some blogs. What else can you do when the house is quiet and you really don't quite want to be active yet, and if you wake anyone up then things go full tilt the rest of the day? Yeah, just an excuse, but there are some amazing blogs out there!

Like this one: Motives.

Check it out. This may have to be another blog I add to my list to follow. Oh, my, another one. That is what I do when I cannot sleep. Sleep is overrated - that is what I keep telling myself.

And check out this post too!!! How we afforded adoption

Or this one: How we are paying for our adoption

Okay, now I had better go flip that load of laundry. And the natives are rousing so my time here is done! LOL!

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