A life of love

A life of love
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Tears

Hi all,
I am trying to explain the emotional day and days we have had. Lots happening on the farm - more baby goats, a doe with life threatening mastitis that we are working very hard with, keeping her beautiful baby alive and healthy as one of our next generation of breeding bucks, kittens, and to top it off, a "surprise" foal! I will put photos on soon! Spring is definitely here! LOL. It has been amazing and a ton of work, and we are being stretched in ways we never imagined. And life is beautiful even in the middle of lots of work and stress. God is so good!

But, the tears are really for another reason. I will be somewhat vague, for a while, but on the other side of the world, a long journey is coming to completion, which means another journey is beginning! We have been part of this journey and to see that dream that was birthed in pews in our church, to see it come to pass, I am so humbled and grateful. And I simply keep crying. It seems that is all that I can do. Families are united, and we are finally seeing God's mission come to completion. We knew that it wasn't done when our boys came home, but the struggle was hard and long, but as we speak, it has happened on the other side of the world. God is so good. Someday I hope He will show us the reason for all the trials, but as of this moment, the trials are beginning to be forgotten as the joy is complete.

And I see the ripples of all this, the ripples that even now are leading us to our other three children. We are seeing people impacted, God's word being heard, blessings outpouring. Please pray for our fundraiser the next two weekends at church. We are humbled by all who have come forward to help us, and so happy that a portion of the proceeds will go to fund other adoptions. It is being paid forward. Please pray that we can hold strong and that God's blessings will be outpouring, that our children can be home soon, and finally in good medical care. I worry so much, but worry is not of the Lord, and I am trying so hard to let it go, and give it to God. Trying is the key word here. Today was a good step in that direction.

Well, check back soon for baby pictures! We have a rule here that we don't name a new baby until it has been around for a couple days - the first day or two is the most precarious for the little ones. Our goats this year will have color names, next year something different, to make it easier to keep track of who was born when. And lots of records will help with that too! But, the naming fest should begin in earnest as there are three who have met the criteria already, and our favorite is nearly there - but his mama is the sick one, so we are a bit hesitant yet to hope that he will be permanent - he is currently being fed either by tube feeding or nursing from another goat mama, so we are hopeful that he is nearly out of the woods, but you just don't know. We are hoping that his mama will make it, but it is a tough case. She looks better a bit today, but that isn't saying a whole lot. Prayers, antibiotics, hot compresses, and anti-inflamatories are the rule of the day. But she is eating today - which she hadn't for two days, and drinking is good, but not up and around and still very sick.

Well, I am headed to bed, two nights of very little sleep have worn me out!

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