A life of love

A life of love
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Wow, I'm tired!

What a day!

We spent last week revamping the house - just a secret - if you want to help me in organization, remodeling and decluttering, just plan to visit me and make sure I know that you are planning to visit me!  Makes it much more rewarding to make all that progress and then be able to show it off!  I cannot believe the progress we made on projects we had planned to do for so long!  Just took the motivation and the reward!  So, plan to come visit me, okay?  Makes it all so much more fun.

Then Friday night we started the horse event part of the weekend!  Kiley rode in Horse A Rama on Saturday and Sunday (her birthday was Sunday also), so that meant that our entire weekend revolved around it - which is great fun for this horse loving mama!  After seeing the length of the day on Saturday, we decided to cut the non-horse loving members of the family some slack and not require that they attend the very long day on Sunday.  Generally we all go to support a member of the family in an event, but it seemed that the length of time (and boredom) for the kids who didn't adore all things horse related was just unreasonable and would make the ones of us who did want to attend (and had a job to do) miserable.  So, we decided to divide and conquer.  It all turned out great, but we were sore and tired by the time we got home Sunday night.  At least it was close enough so we could be at home each evening, so it was just long days.  Kiley did wonderfully, you would never know that she has only been training in hunt seat (a form of English riding) since October.  She looked great, rode great and had a good time!  I ended up sunburned - we finally saw sun here!  And very sore from the physical work.  But it was great and we learned a lot - I even got a chance to see hippotherapy and therapeutic riding in action, which definitely has this speech therapist very interested!

Today I hauled Kiley to her job at the stable, ended up staying and helping, and then brought her home.  Where I promptly had Alex hook the trailer to the van and we began hauling hay.  That started about 12:30.  We got home from the last load around 7.  I have been sweeping, pitchforking and throwing hay all day basically.  Now, I would say that my body feels it.  I am in bed with my laptop writing this and am enjoying taking the weight off.  I figure if I keep this up several times a week, I should lose some serious weight - LOL!!!!!  Steve (thankfully) made dinner, while I took time to do what I had told myself all day that I would do as my reward - play with horses!  We got our Baskur Curly gelding out and saddled him for the first time since we have gotten him.  He did really well, needs some continued training, but is more than green broke, so we are very happy.

So, it has been a good, productive day on the farm.  Long, hard work, but good healthy work.  And Zeri is now going to be able to work with a fellow who has an auto body shop - something Zeri is very interested in - turns out the guy that has the place where we get some of our hay does all that and could use some help -and Zeri is VERY interested in all things cars, but particularly body work!  This guy works by himself and could use some help - so he will apprentice Zeri!!!!  He is so excited!  He and the other two older boys will go help out tomorrow so we shall see how it goes.  I am so excited because this is something Zeri has been wanting for quite a while.  He is such a hard worker and will do so well with this, just the chance to try it out is fabulous!  And this is such a godly man too, I am so grateful!  What an opportunity!  So, at this point we have two kids with internships in their special interest areas, and another supposed to start soon!  Praise God!  What an opportunity for them all!

Well, this tired  body is going to go to sleep.  I would love to think the weight will shed right off, but I am too old for that.  Oh, well.

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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