A life of love

A life of love
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

222 pieces sold!!!!

Just wanted to do a quick post before I totally crash for the night, or is it morning yet?

We had our homestudy appointment, and it went very well this afternoon.  The kids really came out of their shells and enjoyed talking to the social workers - sometimes they aren't comfortable being interviewed and thy know that this visit really counts to help their sisters come home.  We were all very nervous anyway.  But it all went well, We have the plans in place for the room remodel and it is all approved!  Yay!  Making progress, but I stress so much about all of this, that it feels wonderful to have this part done!!!

And on another note, as you see above, 222 pieces of the 1000 piece puzzle for our fundraiser for adoption fees for the girls!  We are asking a $2 donation for each piece, and your name is put on the back of a piece.  We are going to assemble all the pieces after they are all sold, and then the puzzle will be shellacked and framed, with plexiglass on both sides so they can see all the wonderful folks who helped to bring them home!  So, that means we have 778 left to sell!  Every little bit helps!  There is a "chip in" button on the left where you can connect to a way to donate online!  When you do that, we get an email that we have funds, and can get it placed into an account for payments to be issued to the agency!  I will be sending thank you notes!!!!  We are so very thankful, and because of your assistance, today we were able to make a payment toward the total we owe the adoption agency for the homestudy.  Thank you so very much!!!

I sat down tonight - after a very long couple days, and put names on the back of puzzle pieces!  Hooray!  I sorted out the edges first, put names on all of those and then started on the inside.
Thank you again!  I just wanted to be able to post the progress!

And now for something totally different!
Baby goats, playing in the sunshine!  On the left is Fiddle, and on the right is Fiona.  This is an "F" year - we name baby goats by theme, a different one each year to make it easier to remember how old they are!  Baby girls, disbudded, and very healthy!  They are so funny and it is a joy to have them bouncing around!

Well, it is after midnight and I am so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open.  We are going to Horse A Rama in Manitowoc tomorrow - Kiley is riding twice tomorrow and twice on Sunday.  I am very excited for this - we have wanted to attend before, but it never quite worked out!  Yay!

Good night all, and God bless - and, if you want to see a great play, go see "The Curious Savage" at St. Norbert's College - you can purchase tickets on their website.  Steve and I went to see it tonight - it worked out perfectly for when we had to be in Green Bay anyway to get kids to events.  What a great show!  I loved it!  We realized it is the first show we have sat through together for , in which we didn't know the play inside and out - usually we are watching a show the kids are in, and know the script by heart.  We had a blast!  Impromptu date night!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:1es

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