A life of love

A life of love
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank you!!!!!!

I just wanted to blast out a thank you post to the folks that have bought puzzle pieces!!!!  So far, 86 are claimed!!!!!  We are putting names on them Friday night (we are focused on getting ready for our homestudy appointment on Friday) and working to start assembling!!!!  I don't know if I should share names, but can I say that I know who you are, and I know that every penny means something from your budget!  I know that it is a sacrifice!  Thank you so very much!!!  Literally, every bit helps!  Literally!

I keep counseling other adoptive parents to just take it all one bill at a time, not to look at the whole thing all at once.  It is too daunting!  Right now we are focusing on that final payment on the homestudy - because then the dossier can go to Ethiopia, and we can apply for grants!  And in the meantime, we do everything that we can!  We are selling eggs as our chickens are wonderfully prolific, I am working as much as I can and grateful for it.  Steve busts his butt to be productive - they do get bonuses for it, even though he doesn't always have control over it!  I cannot thank you enough.

I got new photos of our girls today, again.  It has been a banner few weeks - we have gotten to see more and more of their sweet faces and personalities!  I so want to post them, but just cannot until we get them home.  Just know that they are well cared for in their care center, and that we are so anxious to get to them.  I know that this time I have more peace about it than I did with other adoptions, but maybe that is because I know the ropes, or maybe because I know that it will all just come as it should.

On another, fun front!  We have had a blast watching the two week old little filly run around the pastures!  Those long legs are just amazing.  She tries to do little bucks but isn't quite coordinated enough to do it yet.  But her mama is calming down and has given up on trying to keep up with her - exhausting herself chasing all over the pastures!  It seems that every evening she takes some wild runs all over, even to the point of chasing the pony mule all over (Jill must be part shetland pony in addition to donkey - we have her mom on the property, so we at least know that part for sure).  Just to watch that little bundle of energy and joy is so much fun!  I will try to post pictures over the weekend.

I am looking forward to a warmer day tomorrow!  Spring doesn't quite feel like it has really come yet.  I kind of compartmentalize parts of my life, mostly by the tasks or events that go on.  Like right now, I am a bit crazed, over-cleaning the house in preparation for Friday's appointment.  Honestly, we have had so many social workers in here, between having been foster parents, to all the pre-adoption work and all the post adoption works.  You would think it wouldn't make me nervous, but so much rides on it, and I just get nervous, so I putter.  Or repaint (like last time!), or totally declutter/reorganize/revamp.  It is really all that I can do to feel like I can make a difference.  The kids love it as we end up with the house looking pretty different, and a couple of my "organizer" type kiddos really love it.  We do our own home makeover and it feels great!  We are really enjoying spring cleaning and feel like it has a bigger purpose!  So, that is one compartment - that is just about all that I can think about until Friday afternoon is done.

Then we shift gears to a horse show weekend!  Kiley is riding in basically an exhibition at Horse A Rama with her trainer.  It is a great experience, and lower stress because it isn't a competitive event.  But, I am sure she will be nervous, and she has to be in full show gear, and we will be there most of the weekend!  So, my next focus is the horse show - and it is her birthday on Sunday!  Oh, yeah, and Mother's Day.  I will do something for my mom, but I know that my Mother's Day will be all about family and the horse show.  And honestly, I love horses and all, so it really is a good event for me too!  Mother's Day to me is just being with my family anyway, so I get what I wanted!

And then I can start thinking about getting the dossier assembled and out to our agency.  I will work a couple days (thankful hubby can work from home some days).  And putting in some parts of my garden - potatoes and carrots and some lettuce.

See how it works?  Compartmentalize so I can focus on one thing at a time!  LOL!  It makes it make sense to me and keeps me from becoming overwhelmed by all that is going on.  I love life!  Some days it is a lot going on, but that is great!  Well, I am going to try to get some sleep before tomorrow's events: cleaning, reorganizing, time with the kiddos doing something fun, getting two kids to babysitting, helping at a nursing home church service, running some errands, quick dinner, and church!  Love it!!!!!

Thank you all those who bought puzzle pieces!  The encouragement is priceless and the contribution gets us closer and closer.  Thank you so much!!!!!!  God Bless!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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