A life of love

A life of love
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wow!!! Go GOD!!!!

I have way, way good news!

Our file was submitted to the Embassy last week Wednesday.  There is a very slow timeline that generally takes place.  We were told to expect to travel in seven to eight weeks.

Today I got an email - we will most likely travel the end of THIS MONTH to bring Azeb and Kahsu home!!!! I am beyond thrilled and excited.  To hold their little hands again, to look at their faces - to tell them - YOU have a MOMMY and a DADDY who love you, a FAMILY who will forever be here for you.  I know the adjustments and transitions and all the hard work that goes into their coming home.  I know it will be different from our homecoming of our older kids.  These are little children, whose whole world is about to change!  For good, but it still is scary!  There are many losses, of familiar things, but many gains.

God is paving the way!

Now, if I could also ask for intense prayers.  This is the part that isn't so fun.  We had planned on paying for this adoption through our refund from last year - with the adoption tax credit.  Well, we are still waiting on it, and our Congressman is working with the taxpayer advocacy on our behalf.  It isn't here.  It likely wouldn't have been here for the expected time of travel and it is almost impossible for it to be here before we are now to travel at the end of the month.

I hate money stuff.  I in my head cannot equate a child's life with finances.  There is no line there.  Honestly.  I get very frustrated and scared and stressed, and my mama heart just cries out for my kids.  I feel like I am beating my head against the wall.

BUT, we serve a huge God.  A HUGE God.  If He wants to provide a different way, that is up to Him.  My mama's heart is begging that He provide it so we can travel as soon as we are told we can.  The heartbreak to me would be them staying one more day there because of money.  One more day away from a warm home full of love and laughter and many warm hearts.

So, if anyone has any suggestions, or wishes to help, please feel free to do so.  I tend to be a proud person.  God is working with me on that through all this.  So, I am letting folks know where things are, and anything you feel God calls you to do, please feel free.  I am selling everything from the house that I can lay my hands on -things we don't need or can do without.  I will be having giveaways and things here on my site, changing daily, so please check back.

I don't know why I am telling you this, but I think I need to.  Our church has been accepting tax deductible donations for our adoption so if you wanted to contribute, here is their address:
Celebration Church

3475 Humboldt Rd
Green Bay, WI 54311

I am going to break my cardinal rule and post a photo of our girls so you can look into their joyful faces too!  I generally wait until they are home, even though legally we can once they are our children in the eyes of the law.  I am just superstitious.

But I want you to meet them!

So, please check back frequently.

We need about $25000 in 29 days - as my son Ben realized!  By the way, you should have seen the kids faces when I told them how soon we could go!  Excited and thrilled -what a way to warm a mama's heart in the morning.  Their total joy that their sisters would come home.  God is good.

So, please share!  Please share!  Please suggest!  We still have puzzle pieces left for our fundraiser for that, about 600.  We were asking for a $2 donation per piece, and your name is put on the back so when it is framed it can always be seen how many pieces of the puzzle there were and how many people cared for these little lives!!!

Gotta run, but will update soon!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


LarryWho said...

There is not a doubt in me that God is going to make this happen. Not one doubt...not even a teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy doubt.

God absolutely loves those two girls and He has instilled His love for them in your heart. So, He will bankrupt heaven if He needs to, just to make this work.

Christy O said...

Okay, I have a really cool update! I think our actual costs are less than what I listed above. We went over it, and are having the adoption agency recheck it, but it is possible that what we actually need is closer to $17000. Whoo-hoo! Who knew that might feel smaller??? Yikes. Praise God for each step!