A life of love

A life of love
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Laughing out loud!

Okay, I need to thank anyone who has contributed to our fund on Reece's Rainbow!  I could not believe when I looked at it tonight and it had gone up again!  You folks just spur us on with encouragement.

For so many months, we have worked hard and wondered how it was all going to come through.  We continued to do what we knew to do, and tried to do the best we could.  We felt that we were struggling with the IRS, as that was our plan. Well, in the midst of that, Steve (dear hubby) was traveling several hours a day, at least three days a week, for work.  Add that on to a regular work day, with a large active family at home, and it certainly was wearing.

He loved his work, loved his company, loved the people he worked with, but it was the drive that was part of what was killing us.  Not just the gas money, though that has certainly been part of it, but the time.  The time away.  And, with kids and all, there are times where you need to make that emergency call - I need you at home or we are headed to the emergency room.  Serious stuff.  And with hubby miles away, it was stressful.  Especially with two kids with type 1 diabetes.

Well, the drive wore and wore on him, until dear hubby, who loves to keep things the same (not like that happens much here) finally decided it was too much.  But needless to say, there is a lot that goes into a job change in our situation. Not just finding a job in this economy, but benefits are huge, and of course we at home care a great deal that he enjoys what he does the majority of the day.

I dearly love my husband and want him to be happy.  That means at work and at home, though we all know that this might not happen at all times.  It is real life.  But, I want him to enjoy what he does as he provides for our family.  And he has never complained.

After a few months of quietly looking, he was approached for what is now his new job.  We are only two weeks into it, but it sure seems like a match made in heaven.  He works 30 miles from our home (we live in the sticks so anything is a bit of a hike).  He works in the nearest large city to us, which is where our hospitals are, our doctors, my parents, the community theater we are part of, our church and many other things.  He is able to get more sleep, not leave before the crack of dawn for work, and generally get home at a very reasonable time, or help with things we need help with in town.  I know it has been only two weeks, but it is fabulous!

And tonight we signed up for our benefits - hee, that was hysterical!  Just the act of signing us all up, took a glass of wine to get through, what with everyone's social security numbers, birthdates, and making sure we didn't miss anyone!  It was so funny.

It is hard to explain.  We have been a family of ten.  As of today we have TEN children, but only eight of them are stateside right now, so it feels like we are still a family of ten, though we are actually a family of TWELVE.  I have to say, bless the folks who wrote the computer program that allowed us to sign up, because it didn't freak out at all as we added dependents!!!  LOL!  It was very funny.  We kept counting to make sure that everyone's names showed up, not only under medical, but then dental and vision and life and all of that.  We were going around in circles!

What else can you do but laugh?  Who would have ever guessed?  Who would have ever guessed that we would be facing this most interesting of challenges?  LOL!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for boosting our spirits and helping us get to our little girls.  We ARE going to get there!  I picked out board books for our little girls today (at the same time as buying new underwear for literally ALL of the kids - I don't want to know how they all wore out or outgrew at the same time!!!  Underwear times ten of us!  Yikes, that alone is a budget challenge!).  I have some outfits all picked out to take with us, and am packing donations to take for the orphanage!  We don't have final word on travel date as of yet, that will wait for the Embassy interview scheduled for the end of the month!

I am so excited!  The kids are excited!  Life is good!  God is good.  He certainly has this all planned out , though I don't quite see it all yet.  But I can see it coming together.  Thank you for all the help!  Literally, each dollar counts!  Thank you so much!  I will share more photos later.  But for now, the kids are sent to bed, and I am going to spend time with my husband.  Goodnight all, and God bless!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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