A life of love

A life of love
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An amazing one...

I wanted to post this blog that someone just did. It is amazing.
http://gillispiefam.blogspot.com/2008/05/adoption-heart-of-gospel.html Take a look at it, and read it through. It puts into words what it means, both on an eternal perspective and a simple perspective.

I have been struggling to put into words why I have such a passion for adoption and why I do feel that it is so very biblical, and even got into trouble last night when I frustrated someone with this very same conversation. I was not able to be very clear and was way to emotional to make much sense or be terribly logical. But in the end, this person said, "When it is enough?" and my response was, "Never!".

I do truly believe that. Until I am dead, it is never enough. There must be one more thing I can do, one more life I can touch, one more thing I can do to share the love of our God. It is never over. I do want to end my life exhausted, sliding in to the end, saying "Wow, what a ride!". I am more worried about how I feel about the chances I had to do something, and didn't. I am reading "The Waiting Child" by Cindy Champnella (which is amazing by the way, and I highly recommend. And if you do read it, be prepared to sob or want to throughout the book, but it is so wonderful!).

Anyway, she stated it clearly, "I'd come to realize lately that the real regrets I had about my life so far were not about all the bad things that had happened but all the good things I could have made happen and didn't."

We have so much. So very very much. It is wasteful and sad and wonderful. And today I enjoyed my children enjoying life and each other. All five of them. Had you had your eyes closed and not been able to hear the accents or language differences, you would never have known that they have been siblings for only nine months. The love that I feel for all my children is unique to each one, as each one is so very unique. But it is so strong, whether they grew under my heart or in it. Today was wonderful in that I got to really enjoy being with them. Through mundane things, I was still their mother. When the sweet Chinese waitress at the buffet (we all love Chinese) asked if I was mother to them all, I was able to proudly say "yes". She asked if they were all my babies. I know what she was trying to ask (she is learning English too), but yes, they are all my babies, even if I did not have the privilege of holding all of them as babies. I know that their birth families loved them, I can tell that by the exuberance in which my children love me. And all my children do. It is amazing what God has weaved in this tapestry, and I wouldn't have missed a moment. Not a breath, even at the most frustrating.

For that is what love is, that is what family is. No matter how it is made.

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