A life of love

A life of love
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Monday, May 21, 2012

A new adventure!!!

I am posting in the middle of the day!  What miracle has occurred that has allowed me to do that?  Well, let me share!!!

Number one child, Alex, got his driver's license today!!!  He passed his road test bright and early this morning, no real shock to us.  He has been driving for about a year now, and we are real sticklers about safety and he has been driving a ton with me.  He really is a good driver and I would have been shocked if he had not passed.  And he did!  He was very happy, you cannot wipe the smile off of his face today.

Well, Mondays are our very crazy day, but he offered to take siblings to their various music lessons and voice lessons so I could get the babies down for a nap in their own beds rather than their carseats.  And I got to get some more things done at home.  In fact the babies are just waking up right now!!!!  The kitchen is almost totally reorganized, the bathroom is cleaned and organized, the diabetes drawer inventoried and reorganized.  And I am just stunned at how relaxed I feel right now!!!!  Oh, my goodness!

I have to admit, I was NOT excited for this day to come, until I realized that I could have some help in moving this multitude around!  I was in no hurry to have a kiddo achieve this milestone.  I have mixed feelings.  I don't always want to face the thought of my kids growing up, but I also love, love love seeing them stretch their wings and fly!!!  It is a milestone.  A good one.  I cried over the weekend knowing this was coming (and yet another child had a birthday that made them what seems like a much bigger age).  And this morning to see the joy and look of accomplishment on my eldest son's face - priceless (as the commercial would say).  And then to have him offer to take the afternoon shift of getting everyone where they need to go on our busiest day of the week, so I could be with littles and at my favorite place - home, well, again - priceless.

It is always a balancing act, letting the safety strings out, letting them try out their wings with support and knowing when to be, well, more in there.  It is a monitoring act to make sure that all is well and as it seems, but at the same time allow them to fly as much as they are able, and to only be the guidance system when needed.  I am finding that parenting teens is wonderful, totally wonderful, but very complicated.  I knew it would be.  But it isn't terrible.  Yes, it has terrible moments, but they are only moments.  And the joy of seeing them start to successfully fly!  Wow.

So, today, I am writing, because I can.  As I am writing this, the littlest one just got up from nap and has climbed onto my lap for her wake up snuggles.

Yep, I remember totally why we have ten kids.  Because we love it with a passion.  We love them with a passion.  We love parenting with a passion.  We love God with a passion.  I can only imagine what it must be like for Him to watch us try to walk in His ways.  I compare it to parenting a lot.  I am sure He has wanted to (and HAS) turned me over His knee for disobedience or not following His directives.  But I hope I bring Him joy at times as I struggle to fly!!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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Anne said...

Hi Sweetie!
i got your blog yesterday afternoon! Great timing!

Congratulations to our Alex! What a great achievement for him. And what a great help he already is for you.
(I do hope he passes at the dentist with flying colors as well)! hehehe
Happy that you have chronicled your thoughts and emotions here- You will be happy for it later- As i read, I asked myself how worried I was about the girls, each of them, as they drove -
I can remember thinking I would have such good help. And much like you, I did.
My 3rd did not want to get her license- But the other 3 couldn't wait!
They all passed on their first try too, (if I remember correctly)- But boys do have it harder with the passing grade on their tests, though I don't know why that is. Alex has flown ahead of the norm in our state!

I somply ADORE your final paragraph Christy. It is a thanksgiving of the heart. refreshing to see when I read such uninspiring things elsewhere.


Since my email doesn't seem to be working I will include a short PS-
I have to bring my prescriptions in to Oneida- and then according to the weathermen I should cut lawns today- UGH. Rain predicted later tomorrow afternoon, and don't want to be caught half done.
Nor do I want to wait til Monday to cut.
I hope you can call and let me know what your plans are? If you call while I am gone or outside, I will call you right back. I seem to have lost your number. Sorry.