A life of love

A life of love
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The healing in Blind Hope

I was blessed to read Blind Hope by Kim Meeder just last week and really enjoyed it.  As you know, if you read this blog even once, we are huge animal lovers here and have several rescued animals that call our property home.  Or maybe we are simply suckers - we could accept that.  BUT, the joy and lessons these animals bring with them are priceless and they demonstrate over and over that every life is precious. 

Blind Hope is a great read for dog lovers especially, as well as those that love redemptive stories.  I don't want to spoil the story at all, but a rescued dog transforms a life, maybe more than one.  To see the healing a human and an animal can bring to each other is just amazing.

I have to admit, I read this book in just two days, I was insatiably drawn into it and just had to see the journey these two were on.  I highly recommend this book!!!!

I greatly enjoy being a part of Blogging for Books and am always amazed at the lovely choices that are offered that I might not be aware of otherwise.

A quick update on the family too!

Everyone is good!  We are loud, active and good!  Loving spring, working on the garden in fits and spurts (in between the rain in the last week or so), have eggs in the incubator and one has hatched already.  That lonely little chick is waiting for everyone else to hatch out so he has someone to play with!  Most of the other eggs are duck eggs, which hatch out five days later than chicken eggs, so they should be hatching in the next couple days.  We were thrilled that it actually worked!!!!  Unfortunately, the incubator stays in Mom and Dad's room, in order to keep it away from little hands, so we hear the peeping throughout.  I never knew that the chick could audibly peep before it hatched - in fact, that was how we knew it was going to hatch, I went to turn the eggs, and heard peeping!!!  Sure enough, next morning there was a wet, tired little chick!

We are in a big birthday season right now - Tsion has hers in April, then Kiley and Zeri in May and then Solomon in June.  So, if you ask me how old our kids are and I screw up my face a little and seem to ponder it carefully as I tell you, that is why!  It is great fun and keeps us on our toes to say the least.  The littles are not really sure what to make of birthdays, including the birthday candles - that kind of freaked them out a little.  But all is good when you get to eat.

Life is good, life is busy, kids are growing, babies are being born on the farm, it is spring.  Each year there is a new project on the farm.  Last year it was the goat barn.  This year it will be the horse shelters.  Each year, taken in small bites, we can make it better out here.  The renovations in the house are nearly completed, at least until we decide to refinish all the floors, but that is about it.  Thankfully.  Next we tackle the basement and really declutter.  It is so easy to safe things because you "might need them" and then you just don't.  After a while you look at it and really don't know why it is still there.  Well, we are working on changing that.  If we cannot use it in the next year or so, then someone else would be blessed to use it RIGHT NOW.  God has taken care of us, we don't need to hoard for the future.  We keep what is very useful, and pass on what others could use.  Besides it maximizes our space in our home - and with twelve of us, we can use every inch!!!!

I will post more photos soon.   This one is of Kiley and her horse JT as they were doing a demonstration of half arabian halter horse for Horse A Rama last weekend.  We had one sunny, nice day, and then second one rained throughout.  But Kiley and JT did really well and all their hard work is paying off!

Next week is graduation (if they pass) for all three obedience class dogs (kennel club classes), so I hope to have photos of them too! 

Have a great rest of the week!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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