A life of love

A life of love
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Can you tell we have toddlers and teens????

I know I am behind in updates, as you know, life is a whole new thing with our additions to the family.

Any time you add another person the mix of a family, everyone adjusts.  Well, with the addition of two toddlers, we are in full adjustment mode.  Not that this is a bad thing, but we are reworking our life into who we are now.  That is just what adoption is.  We are no longer the family we were before I left for Ethiopia to bring our daughters home.  That is good.  It is fine, it is just different.

I am trying to find our new normal, and we really are.  I am no longer working outside the home, even on weekends.  As it is, whenever I leave the house now without the littles, we have all sorts of separation anxiety.  Tonight I took Alex to a meeting at his work, and even though I had the littles prepared with snacks of popcorn (which is quite entertaining - food is still a big deal) so they would have an easier transition, but still, there was all sorts of weeping when Mom was gone.  I got home and the two were plastered to me until they crashed out for the night.  Hey, at least they are attaching!!!  So, life is good!

It was an amazing Mother's Day - we got up, Steve and most of the boys had left for church already (they have to be there for sound check early) and we were preparing to leave.  Kahsu was snuggly and felt a little warm, but then she had just gotten up.  Well, while we were snuggling, she threw up a little on my shoulder.  Yikes, that is weird.  Not like her, maybe she somehow triggered her gag reflex a little.  Hmm.  Gave hubby the text heads up that Kahsu had thrown up and we would see how things were going, but we were leaving soon. 

And then, well, she threw up, not only all over her, me, but also Azeb (I was standing up holding her and Azeb was below us, next to us on the floor).  Oh yeah, bullseye on all of us! 

Church was not going to happen.  So we snuggled and played quietly and Kahsu took a sweet little nap.

Happy Mother's Day - you have been vomited on yet again.  Yep, you are a mom!!!!  LOL!

It turned out to be a great blessing overall.  Time at home, all five girls, then the rest of the family joined us.  We had a delightful day. 

And I didn't get thrown up on again. 

Twice in one Mother's Day was certainly enough.

But hey, while the littles napped, we got some more ground turned in the garden and some more carrot seeds in!  My bean plants are coming up, spring is here!!!

I love being the mom to many, but I am tired many days.  I can keep going, but as it gets later, well, I head to bed earlier at night than I used to.

My teens are in the full swing of jobs, internships, volunteering and all sorts of other things.  We are still Mom and Dad by a long shot, but they are starting to branch out, which is good.

(I have to admit that I love the toddler hugs after a time of negotiating with teens!!!)  I can still pick them up and put them in time out!!!!  But honestly, while a child being a teenager can be challenging, it is well worth it and we have great relationships.

This all said from the mom who can no longer even see straight and needs to finish this post.

Did I tell you were are rehabilitating thirty some baby rabbits from our Wildlife Sanctuary?  Yep, let's just add that to the plate - but Kiley and Faith are very involved so some days (like today) I don't have to do much - they know what to do.  We have never had so many at one time - a new record for us!!!

Have a blessed night and days to come!  God bless!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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You continually amaze me with all you do! I al well and truly blessed with Rhe honor of being your husband and partner!!