A life of love

A life of love
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Monday, November 21, 2011

What God knits together....

I wanted to start this blog post by thanking our agency so much for all the loving care they give all the kids, for all their efforts, for how much they truly CARE about each and every one of these kids.  It is wonderful, simply wonderful.  I know as much as I will be so sad to leave my girls behind until they are cleared to travel, they are well loved and cared for.  I can rest in that and knowing that they are just fine while they are here.  There are so few words to express what it means to me.  I highly recommend our agency.  Message me if you would like to know who we work with!

And onto what everyone REALLY cares about - the girls and our trip!

They are fabulous!!!!!!  Of course I am totally biased.  We are head over heels in love with them and really enjoying getting to know them.  We had prepped ourselves that they might be older than we had thought, but now after being with them, they aren't, at least we don't think so.  I think at court tomorrow someone will give us birth dates, but who knows?  We have been told that court will be a simple task, actually sounds similar to our re-adoption court hearing in the states.  I am looking forward to getting it done.  I am nervous, for no good reason, except that it is so IMPORTANT!  I know it will all be fine.  We are planning to go see the girls again tomorrow before we fly out late at night.  It will be so hard to leave!

A is hysterical, energetic, talkative (of course we have no idea what she is saying!), playful, interactive and a total ham.  Loves being the center of attention and making people laugh.  Not in a pesky way, but fun.  If you laugh with her, she will peal out the biggest sweetest belly laugh you have ever seen.  Just a hoot!  And loves picture books - not the cartoon kind, but the photo kind.  She goes through our photo books we brought for them, over and over, "reading" aloud all the way through.  Today she wanted to be held by us and came for hugs and to sit on our laps.  Yesterday she was too busy to sit down.  When we went to leave, she ran to us and grabbed our legs just wailing.  I was sobbing at that point.

K is very quiet - we have only heard her voice when she is laughing at her sister or crying.  Other than that she is quiet, sits on our laps, takes it all in.  The biggest eyes you have ever seen.  Today she played with a toy while sitting in my lap - which was huge - it gave me a better idea of her development.  She has napped in my arms once each day, and you know I was eating that up!!!  She is just tiny.  Lots of the much younger babies are bigger than she is - I thin there will be a growth spurt at some point.  But she was a bit of a picky eater at times, so that could be part of it too.  She wouldn't let the nannies feed her lunch today, but when I tried, she would eat if I fed her.  Yeah, you know I ate that up too!

So anyway, I had better share the computer.  Facebook has been such a blessing as we can chat with the kids at home, if we can all be up at the same time.  Certainly makes me feel better.

God bless you all!  God has accomplished such miracles, it is just amazing to see.  I cannot fathom it, even as I see it.  We are so blessed and so grateful!  Please continue prayers for the kids and helpers at home, and for us as we go to court and travel, and for our little ones as we all wait for their clearance to travel!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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