A life of love

A life of love
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Small steps, using what we have!

This has been a crazy couple weeks for this family - two boys in drivers ed, soccer season starting, my reduction in work hours (because anything else would be impossible at this time), remodeling, trying to get a garden in and all the events in our daily lives.

Our dossier is assembled and ready to go out on Monday!  Hooray!  And the last of the documents are going to the homestudy agency, we have one more meeting with the social worker, and then the walk through to look at the remodeling!  Yay!  We are hopeful to have it all done by the end of the week.  It has been such a marathon to all of this, it is hard to believe that shortly all we will be doing is waiting (and applying for grants, fundraising, earning income, and on and on to get those final expenses paid for).  We got a video of our girls last week, and then a description from someone who was there in May - A is the "queen of the orphanage and adored by everyone" and K is very insecure and must be held constantly.  No surprise to either of those given the photos we have seen.  Honestly, at this point, I am ready for a little one to hang on me.  My big kids need me, but in a different way, and A will be adored by all the big kids so will certainly be the belle of the ball.  As we put in babyproofing, and visualize their room when it will be done, well, it all gets to finally feel real.

The stud walls are up, we have used all the materials we have on hand, and the contractor is coming to finish it up this week.  I am ready to go pick out paint and fabric for their curtains!  The crib will move from our room up to there, as we have two pack and plays that will go in our room while they need to be close by!  We have one high chair, and will be looking for another in the next few months.  Then we will start to look at carseats.  K is under 20 pounds, but at her age, I am concerned that being reclining is not going to work, so I am going to get some input and see what will work. A is over the weight limit so we can use a forward facing toddler seat.  Even thinking about all of this makes if feel so very real.  Finally.  We have no idea what we might get for a court date, so keep your prayers going.  If you felt so led, we have our chip in button there.  We are still making our diabetes log books (click here...), and doing our puzzle fundraiser (click here...), and are adding in more items as we get the ideas.  We have some jewelry making ideas - there is a great bead and jewelry making shop nearby that would be fun to learn from!

On the other parts of our lives: we have entered horse show season and soccer season.  Driving was a constant part of my life this week - I felt like I should just sleep in my van.  The drivers ed boys have this week off, and then only the next week of classroom, so life should get a bit easier when that is done - five days a week on top of everything else has me maxed out.  But, they both passed their temps tests!!!!!  Congrats Alex and Zeri!

So, I am off to sorting and eliminating some items we don't need any longer.  Our house isn't huge, but it is ours and we all fit!  And summer is here, so we have added nine acres to the area we live in!  Yay!

I am enjoying every minute of our spring even though it has gone from one extreme to another!  Gotta love it!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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