A life of love

A life of love
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Good eats, spring on the farm, adoption news!

Hi all!
Spring is finally here!  Today is our first bout of rain in a few days after many previous days of being soaked.  So, I can post something without feeling like I have to run off, though of course, I probably do!

We have been making lots of tortillas lately and experimenting a lot.  We found a soft and chewy recipe that we have decided is the best, though we haven't quite worked out the quantity we need to make to feed everyone and still have some leftovers.  That is a typical kind of thing we run into raising eight hungry kids - I love to have leftovers for fast snacks, future meals and to send with hubby to work.  But, we have decided that there is very little that is better than fresh warm tortillas!  The boys had gone charter fishing on Lake Michigan last fall, and we had frozen some smoked fish from that trip.  We thawed it out and had tortillas with smoked fish - yum!!!!  Nothing fancy, nice and simple, but great as everyone has been loving being outside and by the time we finish farm projects and chores, and gather the kids back in the house from the yard/trampoline/pastures/basketball hoop, a quick, easy meal is the best!  If you look in previous posts, I linked to Chickens in the Road where Susan has the recipes we have been using.  Like I said, we have decided that we like the soft and chewy ones best, but we have tried several of the offerings.  It is fairly easy, and if the kids get involved in rolling them out and cooking them, it becomes a great family activity!

We are enjoying spring - and the reality that farm work - even on our small hobby farm, brings lots of work.  Today we are hauling a few loads of hay - while I have helpers and a stretch of time to get it done.  Amazingly, our horses and goats, and the sheep, like to eat.  Huh, who'd a thunk it?  Hee, hee!  My garden is getting a slow start due to the weather, and the weeds have taken over, so I am going at it chunk at a time.  I have lettuce in, raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb (that is cheating since it comes up on its own!), and even a few flowers.  Today and tomorrow I am hoping to get carrots in and maybe trade some eggs for some tomato plants!  (Hint, hint, Laurie at Common Sense Homesteading).  

But the other part of our weekend is that we are really going to push it on getting the bedroom remodeling done, at least as much as we can this weekend.  We are coming down to the wire, almost done with the adoption appointments and then our social worker needs to come out and take a look at the new room, just to verify with her own eyes.  We are doing it according to their recommendations, so I have no worries, but it is part of the protocol.  Then our homestudy paperwork is DONE and we can apply to immigration!!!!  We will have to go to Milwaukee to get fingerprinted by homeland security for that step.  We need to have that clearance sent to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to the embassy there in time for court.  We don't have a date yet of course, so we don't have any idea when we will be traveling for that process.  Then we will be home for about two to three months before our return trip to bring the girls home.  I have our dossier paperwork ready to go, just need the fees to send with that - so if you want to be part of our puzzle piece fundraiser (see previous posts) or to purchase candles, or to just chip in, please feel free to do so, or simply lend prayers!  Our chip in button isn't showing all the progress, somehow, I haven't figured that out - as I cannot add in funds we have gotten/earned through other means to reflect how close we are getting.  According to what I can see, we are about not quite halfway to our goal.  Once we have the homestudy paperwork, we can apply for grants so that also may help.  And it looks like we might be able to be part of Reece's Rainbow to help with bringing our girls home.  And anyone local - we will shortly have Seroogy's Chocolates for sale!!!!!

We have been big on getting lots of complicated things out of the way so we will have less to focus on when the little ones get home.  Two boys in drivers ed - means I likely will have drivers to help with some of the running.  Crazy scheduling right now, but will be one less thing to have to do when we have toddlers again.  Getting kids launched in internships, and part time jobs, all that.  It is great, and will really simplify life in the near future.  In the meantime, zaniness!  Hee, hee!  It is hard to believe that our two oldest are both sixteen!  Time is short!  Lots to pour into them!  Getting new goat housing for our bucks up, new pasture fencing to be done yet this summer, all the usual farm stuff!  But the more done now, the less we have to do later!  I am so ready to hunker down with our little ones and our crew!  So, we do lots now so we don't have tons to do when they are home!  I remember how fast all that time goes when the kids are little (and big!) and I want to be sure to live in every minute with them.

And so, with that, off to move horses to the newer pasture (not quite secure so they can only be there when we can keep an eye on them), and try to repair the stupid washing machine, before I run boys to internship and start the hay runs!  I love summer!!!!  My pants keep getting bigger!  Farm work is better than a gym membership!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Laurie said...

Honestly, your days exhaust me! Don't worry too much about the garden being taken over by weeds - it's got company just down the road. I have found that the plants usually grow in spite of the weeds, it just doesn't look as pretty. Now, I just need to get them all in (plants and seeds). I do still have plenty of tomato plants,even though it seems so wrong to have much left to plant this late in the season. it is what it is and I will keep planting until I am done and hope for the best.

Thanks for linking up to the Living Well Blog hop. Next week we should be a little more organized and have bigger thumbnails so the links display better.

Tina Hollenbeck said...

I agree with Laurie - just reading your posts exhausts me! I truly don't know how you do it...but I praise the Lord he's equipped you for it all. :^) Glad the adoption stuff is moving forward; I told my hubby about your puzzle project, and he thinks that is so cool he may do something similar for the Christian school he works with in Trinidad and/or the orphanage he's connected with in Sri Lanka.

Oh, and thanks for sharing this on the blog hop - it's fun to see a familiar face there! :^)