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A life of love
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Preparing the way.....

If anyone has read my blog very long, you know that this is our strangest adoption journey ever, and also sort of the most typical for many people.  And full of strange surprises that are typical for OUR adoption journeys.

We have a completed homestudy.  Done first now, waiting for a referral.  Our profile has been shown several times - with great excitement by us - and no child.  That is fine, I am glad that families have choices for their child!!!  Very.  Wish they chose us, but I know that God has a plan for each and every one of us - the birth families, the child and our entire family.

We don't have all the funds, but it is very hard to tell how much we might need.  In fact, as of the moment, we don't have much set aside - difficulties with the furnace, gas lines, and what not have depleted our "cushion".  However, tax return time is soon, and I have in my heart that I want some of that to be put away for an adoption.

But, as you might have realized, waiting is VERY difficult for me.  To be at this point, just sitting still, waiting to move forward, seems fairly pointless to me.

I am decluttering, getting our excess out of the house, schooling the kids, organizing, and now even PAINTING in an effort to keep my sanity.

So, while I know that it is entirely possible that we MIGHT get all the funds we need for an adoption through our tax return, I also know that there are updates that we want to do on our home and land to make life a bit easier.  The goats got a barn this last year, next year it would be amazing to have a better henhouse (more eggs through more of the year), and I would like horse stalls in one area.  We aren't extravagant, we live simply.

We are considering whether we should go overseas - here, we are waiting to be chosen, one of many.  There, there are children dying for families.  Children who are malnourished and in need of loving families!  Here we have things like Medicaid, social security, foster care (not the first choice, obviously), and other supports.  There, not.

God has led us a wild ride, and I don't know where he is taking us.  But, in my intense need for action, to feel like we are getting ready, doing something to be ready to go whenever we are called, we are starting something new.

The kids and I have been taking ceramics classes as part of our arts program - and a way to pass the long winter!  So, what we would like to do, is offer items for purchase/order/donation, whatever you call it.

Several of the kids have been making these "initial bears".  We can make them with ANY letter (English letter anyway!!), any color requested.  If you would like to order one, special made for your order, please email me at mommyturtle@tm.net.  We figured that costs us about $4 to make one.  We would suggest a donation of $15 (if you don't feel that is appropriate, any donation is wonderful!).  I can send you our address.

I have also made two items that just appealed to my fancy.  The pig bank was very complex but lots of fun.  It was just too neat a project.  The costs for this one were about $10 or so, so a suggested donation of $20 would be helpful.

And an elephant to match the pig was just too cute.  The cost for this one were about $8, so a suggested donation of about $16 seems reasonable?

I can make more like these, in a variety of colors if anyone is interested.

I will post more soon, including handmade slippers that I knit myself (8 for the kids for Christmas, so I have the pattern down pat now!!!!).  Suggested donation of $20 given the cost for yarn and the amount of time it takes to make them.  I can make to specifications and will take photos of the yarns I have available.  I can make children's sizes, teenager sizes and adult sizes - if you let me know what size you need, I can get it to about that!

I have this thing about fundraising:  I want YOU to get some benefit from it too.  And maybe it will give you a reminder to pray for kids in need of families.  We have been so very blessed through these last few years. So many people have just handed us funds to help towards some of the needs.  We are so grateful for that.  So very grateful!  But that has been a hard thing to learn to accept.

We are hard working people.  Pull yourself up by your bootstraps kind of people.  Earn your own way and all of that.  We value that.  We know that everyone works hard for their funds.  That is part of the reason I share our life - to show folks who helped what they have done for these kids - they have truly invested into their lives!!!

The kids also are very inspired to be part of this, and have helped with each and every thing that we have done to raise funds to adopt.  And for them to be able to help too, well, that is priceless.

So, drop us a note, place an order, whatever.  I know that it must mean also that I am asking you to trust us, that we will use the funds as we say we will.  That is a level of trust that humbles me.  And that is EXACTLY what we do with any funds that come in intended for adoption needs.  And if for some reason God turns us away from adoption, I can promise that those funds will be handed to another family to help them to adopt a child in need.

Thanks for putting up with my "need to do something".

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


Anonymous said...

First, the Lord places His desire (like adopting a child) on our hearts. Next, comes the waiting and the waiting and the waiting.

Look at Hannah in 1 Samuel Chapter 1. She longed for a child, but it still took years before she received one. Why? Yes, she wanted a child, but God wanted a Samuel to come into earth.

So, even if you're frustrated for the moment, remember that God may be preparing a Samuel for you to love and offer back to the Lord.

(Larry Nevenhoven)

Audrey said...

We are in a similar stage on our adoption. We are on a waiting list for a domestic adoption but are also thinking/praying about int'l. Our biggest hurdle is finances as well. It's so frustrating as to why it is so expensive when there are children that need families. But we are committed to waiting on the Lord. In His timing.