A life of love

A life of love
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What a day of extremes!

It has been a long week.

Is that OK to say?

Well, it has. Talk about being transparent!

We are working on getting all the kids through eye doctor appointments - one or two a week, and then there are the dentist appointments. We break those up two to three kids at a time, just so we don't spend an entire day there. Well, three appointments this morning, and we ended up with only one filling (Yay!), but then also ended up with an orthodontia appointment for the youngest of the crew (drat!). A tooth is out of line and if we don't fix it now, it will be harder later and there will be more problems. So, a ten year old will be looking at a retainer or braces very soon. Sigh. She is okay with it, so it is fine. It isn't a money thing - it is knowing that this means MANY more appointments on a regular basis! Ugh. It's all good, right?

Oh, yes, three eye doctor appointments down and only one kiddo needs glasses out of the new three! There are some concerns with the retina, so that will be followed, it is unusual but isn't causing problems at this point. So,we hope that it continues to be nothing - and Ben looks way cute in his reading glasses!!!!

Then I picked up way more hours than I want, but my work this week will just about pay for the first set of fees that we need for dear little #9. Yay! That can go in early next week. And the other blessing is that I got to speak with #9's birthmom again tonight!!! I hadn't talked to her in almost two weeks. She usually calls me after every doctor appointment, and they are weekly now. I was worrying that maybe she changed her mind - which would be a huge blessing for this little boy too, so I couldn't be sad for it, but we are so excited to snuggle a little bundle, to see fingers and toes and tuck that little body into all sorts of sleepers and snugglies and to listen to all those lovely little baby sighs. I know in my heart, if they choose to parent, it will be good for the baby. I have no worries about that. I know that they don't feel that they can, but if they did find that in them, it would be wonderful. And that might mean that God has another plan for our family. I am sure it would.

But, I am so excited.

We are so excited.

Tomorrow I print out my family leave act stuff from work. I will only return on a limited basis so I will be with my family.

But, until we hold #9, until all the forms are signed, we will keep back a small part of our hearts.

Though, honestly, I already have two tiny sleepers, two tiny onesies, and a special story book just for him. That is about all that I am allowing myself at this point. We will get a carseat soon. Then that is all until we bring him home. The day we arrive home, I can send Steve out for the bed! LOL! (Oh, yeah, and because there is so little I can do, I am crocheting a blanket for him - have we already established that I don't sit still well???)

So, it was a very long day - more hours of work than I would rather work, but with a good end in sight. The light is at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel isn't much fun when my primary job is at home. But, it is temporary, and will help for #9! But it ended with a great bang and I am relieved and thrilled and ready to face tomorrow.

God is good, all the time. Sometimes the things we are asked to walk through are hard, but there is a reason if God has ordained it - don't get me going on if we are the ones orchestrating it!!!! That can just be hard work and get you nowhere! LOL!

So, have a blessed night!

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