A life of love

A life of love
Everyone should have a Great Pyrenees

Monday, February 22, 2010

Okay so maybe we don't QUITE have this figure out yet.....

Or this mama goat is having lots of fun keeping us up nights and constantly checking on her and pampering her!!!!

No babies as of yet, all signs are there and increasing, but we seem to not quite be where we thought we were. We have been afraid to even leave the farm, thinking she is going to kid any time!!! And then nope, she is just the same, enjoying her heated calf hut, not having to share with anyone. And big as a house!

All the signs are there: udder filled up, not too tight, but full and firm, dripping from the udder (they get ready to nurse those babies), back end changes, tail down (their lower back literally changes the direction it usually goes as they prepare for birth), and generally well, "female changes". (This is a G rated blog)


Though, I am so grateful that our largest upgrade for the birthing stall is the wireless camera and monitor, so we can check on her and even HEAR her without having to trek out to the barn. Pulling on outdoor weather gear is not appealing when you have been in a warm bed. So at least that is minimized to only those times when she walks out of camera range or we think we hear something going on or changing.

Yes, we are total worry warts about this one, though likely she is our most experienced goat mama! Sigh. So excited for spring babies! Or not quite spring babies!!!!

And the chickens laid five eggs today - they are starting up again, spring must be thinking about coming!!!!!

Sleep good!

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