A life of love

A life of love
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Surgery day!

Of course surgery day dawned with a winter weather warning! Ugh. But we made it in, got the kids to my mom's and got to the surgery center. Add in a bunch of hours and some sedation and waiting and recovery and now we are home, back through said storm.

All went well. The doctor found two big floaters that he thought were causing most of the trouble, and a few small ones, some tight scar tissue that he was able to release, and a couple other little things that he was able to "clean up". Steve responded well to the whole thing and I am carefully timing his pain meds so we keep him comfortable for the next day or two. He is non-weight bearing until he sees the PT on Monday. But all is going well so far.

So, he is now tucked gently into bed, current with medication dosages, leg elevated, ice on and playing with his computer. What more can you ask for?

One of he kids - Aman - has had what appears to have been possibly nervous about all this - has thrown up the last couple days off and on. Not sick at all, but vomiting a couple times. The first time I thought it was because he ate too many cookies at 4H, then he was fine until the next afternoon when he had a muffin (he had eaten in between), then was fine until early this morning, then was fine and then threw up again this afternoon. He has been absolutely fine otherwise, playing, eating off and on, no fever, nothing. I am seriously wondering if it is a nervous reaction to Dad's surgery. I am hoping so as then he can calm down now and settle down. Otherwise I will be calling the doctor soon.

Well, I hope you all are snug and warm and safe in your own beds! I am looking forward to snuggling down in mine!

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