A life of love

A life of love
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Prayers please

Hi all,
Well, we are anxiously awaiting tomorrow. Steve (dh) injured his knee - again - while we were loading a horse in the beginning of December. He has had problems with this knee for many years. This makes the tenth dislocation, but only the third since his last surgery fourteen years ago. But this one was really bad. Really bad.

Imagine someone the size of a professional football player unable to walk - I am only five foot five and our oldest two boys are both just about my size. And a farm, and eight kids, and a job, and general life. Ugh. Walking did improve, but there is great pain involved.

Well, following MRIs and all sorts of stuff, surgery has been scheduled to clean up the knee. Steve's pain level has only increased over time and our normally pretty jolly hubby and dad is reduced to chronic bad pain. He has a very high pain tolerance, but this is bad. Last night it just was all over his face.

So, tomorrow is surgery day - outpatient. The kids will go with my mom (thanks Mom!) as I really don't want them sitting at home worrying and being a half hour away from where we are. I will feel better with them with Grandma.

I would greatly appreciate any prayers you might think to send. I am anticipating given how things have deteriorated in the last week or two that they will find more than they first saw on the MRI. At the very least, this will hopefully improve things and get Steve finally on the road to recovery. I just cannot think too hard about it all as the worries just pile up - how will we get him back into the house, how bad will it be, how will the kids and I manage the outside work without him (though we have been doing most of it since the injury), and on and on. I just have to not think about it and take it a step at a time. It doesn't help that another large adoptive family in blogworld just lost the daddy to a tragic accident, leaving the mom with ten kids, some with special needs. Cannot even imagine myself there. So, breathe.

I cannot imagine how Steve is feeling - I know he is ready and looking forward to it in hopes that the pain will be improved and he can finally work towards getting better. He is doing his best to shield all of us from it, but it is there. I am sort of frozen and just keep going, so probably have not been the best helpmeet to him through this. I am looking forward to being able to focus on this once we get our usual crazy Wednesday done. I have been making sure floors are cleared and give him as much room as possible, that the bed is comfortable, that we have everything arranged to keep him as comfortable as possible.

Anyway, we are off to donations, to pick up a wonderful gifting of a microwave as our is dying and unsafe (thanks Deb! what a blessing when it just isn't in the budget this month to replace), to run by a doctor's office to drop off things for labs, to guitar lessons, to help with a church service at a nursing home and then to a riding lesson before church. Somewhere in there will be a really fast dinner! Then we can focus on tomorrow.

So, thanks for reading!

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