A life of love

A life of love
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Monday, June 1, 2009

When you have achieved a dream....

I was sent the following link and it was really amazing, in many ways.
Walk On

I found it very inspiring in many ways.

First of all, to watch a man who was predicted to be able to do so little, to see him do so much. To see him inspire so many people.

Second of all, to see someone overcome.

And third, to see someone achieve a dream.

At this point in our journey, we are working to achieve our dream. Our dream of a large family, of doing something meaningful with our lives and with our passion for children and family. We aren't there yet. We are $7809 away from achieving what is required to complete that. Much closer than my last posting. And actually, at least $100 closer than that even. Silly to think that such a thing as the paper we call money can mean so much. It is just paper. That is all. But, we are close. We got word today that our dossier is in the hands of the adoption agency in Ethiopia and has been sent on for translation! Once that is done, once we have all the funds, we will be able to apply for a court date. We started this the end of January. I believe January 23rd is the date, but I would have to actually look on the calendar, but that is the date that is stuck in my mind. So that puts it a little more than four months since we made the commitment and began this portion of our life journey. I hadn't really counted it out, it seems like it has been longer. There is the potential that we could have a court date before the end of the month. That would make it five months. And then it would be waiting on an embassy appointment to get visas. That could be five to eight weeks. That could make this complete in seven months only. Only God can do that!

The other point I was left with after watching the video clip I posted, was the reminder that once we achieve the goal, there is a natural feeling of letdown and "what now?" even as we embark on the next stage of the journey. I remember after Zeri and Solly got home, we settled in, got our life established, and then there was almost a letdown. We had worked so hard, and now we were where we had wanted to be. It was almost strange to not be working to get to that point anymore. It was sort of like switching gears. Our work then was the transition, creating a new family. It took a little bit of realizing that our mission had changed, into the dream we had wanted it to be, and that we were now embarked on that work.

As we are working on this journey now, it is with a bit more knowledge. We know that we are working to climb that mountain, but that one day we will get to that top and then live out the dream we had worked so hard for (a job in and of itself). Where will God take us next? I don't know. I know the change in our journey will be completely engaging in and of itself. I know that our lives will change in ways we can only imagine. But I also know that feeling of "wow, we really did it. Now what do we do?". Not like there won't be enough to do with eight kids in the house!!!

So, my thought provoking question to pose out there is: what do you do when you have achieved what you set out to do, done the nearly impossible, or what once seemed impossible? I know my experience is that there is a time of emotional let down, a time of intense emotions, a time of re-evaluating life and goals. What do you do once you have done what you set out to do? I see lots of people setting goals and working to achieve them, and then trying to figure out what to do next once they have gotten there. When someone finally gets to retirement. When the long awaited baby is born. When you are married. When you complete your degree. When you get your first house. When you finally get well/beat cancer/etc.

My personality is that I need something to be working on. Of course, I tend to try to do too many things. I like to do lots and lots. And I am better able to limit things than I used to be able to, but I also am willing to sacrifice or prioritize to get done really important things. To take on more than I normally would in order to achieve something. That is where I am right now. But I also know that once all the fees are paid, I am going to cut down. And when I do, I will be faced with that same feeling. "I got it done, now what?" Even though I will be busy with all those things I so long to do now - get my house in better order, keep up with laundry, wash dishes more often, do those housekeeping things that have gone by the wayside, as well as just enjoy being with my kids again more like I am used to. I so look forward to all those daily things that right now I am not there for. But I also know that there will be a bit of a "now what?" kind of feeling - even though I will be preparing for the arrival of three more children, prepping for more homeschooling and all of that. It is hard to shift gears, and takes adjustment. But that is life.

Maybe is this why we all leave some dreams alone? Because what if we achieved them? What then? I have to admit that I have a particular dream that several people in my life really encourage me to pursue and I have a hard time doing it. Not because I cannot, not entirely because of fear, but as much because of "what if I did do it?". What do you do when you have accomplished what you always dreamed of? I just want to encourage some thought processes. I don't know where I am going with this, just that it really struck me tonight. I have seen our family do more than we ever dreamed could be done. I am continually amazed with the blessings and with God's provision far beyond what we could imagine. God gives us dreams for a purpose and will provide for all that He has designed for us if we can walk in His path. His path may not be what we thought it was, but it is always good, though it may not feel good at the time. I have to tell you, right now, this path doesn't feel so good. But this one, I can see the purpose and the reward and know that the temporary discomfort will pass and the goal will exist.

I think I have emptied my tired brain. I hope it made some sort of sense to someone beyond me. Go for your dream!!!! And then dream up another one!!!! And keep going!!!!!

Love ya!

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Anna said...

Good Morning Sweetie!

It was never a letdown... It was the calm after the storm.
Zeri and Solli represented how long of a battle for you all? And then it was over. You have been in the 'get these kids here' mode for so long, and it was hard to change gears toward a normal happy and accepting life.

You dream of getting the kids home. But after that, and always, that same dream DOES continue. Just in a different way.
There will be high school, college graduations, weddings and grandbabies!
Those things too are a battle of their own, but well worth it too!

I cannot watch the videos on my computer at home, and as you well know, our days of living in a hotel near a medical campus are over. hehehe (And there have been times already that I don't know what to do with Casey OUT of the hospital all the time)!
You are not alone.

Everyone is fighting their own battles somehow.

And you and I will be just fine to look back in our old age and know we did everything we could possibly do to make life right for others.