A life of love

A life of love
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Friday, June 12, 2009

10 honest things about me...

I was tagged by a friend from her blog to do this and it sounded like fun - I will be tagging a couple other blogs too! Thank you Lori at Common Sense Homesteading!

I was nominated for a 10 Honest Things About Me Award! What fun! Never tried this before. Thank you Lori from Common Sense Homesteading for nominating me!

So, here goes:

10 Honest Things About Yourself:

1) I cannot decide if I feel most like myself with short hair or with long hair. So, I seem to go from one extreme to another - which seems to benefit the wig makers for folks with cancer, one benefit of me not being able to decide.

2) I have too many interests to get done in this lifetime. I know it, I just generally won't admit it. Oh, well, sleep is optional, isn't it?

3) I rarely can fall asleep at night unless I have a book in my hand. I have to read to settle my brain down, or just to distract it long enough so sleep can sneak up on it!

4) I want to exercise daily, but quite often end up deciding that whatever housework I did must count as exercise. Not very helpful, but I am trying - so far I am up to real exercise twice a week. An improvement but not great.

5) I don't sit still well. It usually makes me crazy. A boyfriend in college tried to teach me to meditate, insisting that it would be good for me and lower my stress, but it just REALLY stressed me out. I did much better puttering around.

6) My kids call my enormous white van "The Monster", and as I look at all the pinpoints of rust from flying rocks, I think when I work on those I will make it a giant dot-to-dot art project. Colorful handprints would make it look like a daycare bus (and enough people in public already think we are a daycare or a school or a club or something - nope folks, just a family), and I know that I am not up for an entire paint job on my van that hauls kids, groceries, soccer stuff, goats and chickens, animal feed and whatever else fits in it.

7) I played rugby for two years in college. My mom says it was to get out some anger after my divorce (bet you didn't know that either! I was married at 18 and divorced right after my 20th birthday. Drugs just didn't fit with my marriage plans. Lots of regrets, but mostly that I didn't pay attention ahead of time!!!). I think that it taught me a lot of inner strength and gave me some pretty strong role models my age, that I really needed at that point in time. I loved it, I was the "hook" because I was generally the smallest one on my team. After two years and only two injuries that I had to recuperate from, I decided that it was time to hang up my cleats and avoid surgery or permanent issues.

8) I can never say something briefly. I don't know if this has to do with all my training and work as a speech therapist, or if it is innate. Probably both. People hate the messages I leave on answering machines. I just can't keep it short. As you can tell by now.

9) Someday I would love to be a published author. That, of course, would require getting to work at it much more than I am at this point in my life.

10) I can draw fairly well, and love to sketch. My kids were blown away when I began to teach them, they had no idea I could do that. Shows how much I have had a chance to do it! Since the oldest is 14, that also tells you it has been a long time. But it sure is fun - it is almost my favorite homeschooling class because I get to do it too!

Okay, that was ten! Now, Okay! Here are my seven blogging friends that I picked to give this Award to:

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Here are the Rules of the award
1. Thank the one that gave it to you.
2. list 10 honest things about yourself.
3. Give to 7 other blogger friends.
4. Place the picture at the top of your post.

I look forward to reading everyone's lists!


Anna said...

What a cool blog and theme!
Sending love to all!


About the hair... hehehe Guys go through that dilemma too!
But I keep mine longer because I can always put it up and make it seem shorter.

Anna said...

FYI Sweet Christy,
It just took me over an hour to get that comment posted...