A life of love

A life of love
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quick update - good news!!!!

Hi all!
Hubby called me - he was working from home and the kids got the mail -

Our USCIS (Immigration) approval was in the mail!!!! Remember we went on the 20th to get our fingerprinting done - well that was a fast approval!!!! So, we are cleared to go to court now!!!! That (and $2700) is all that we need!

I get paid on Monday so we hope to make a huge dent in that amount.

If you could pray for our rummage sale this weekend, we would so appreciate it! Everyone worked hard and decluttered and we have lots ready! Please pray first of all that it just goes - it isn't coming back HERE, and second of all, that needed funds are raised! We were blessed with a loan that got us to this point and we are hoping to not use the credit card for the last little bit - but we are going to get the kids to court one way or the other. The blessing would be that we could raise whatever is needed so we can plan for slowing down soon. I will work outside the house until the loan is repaid (maybe one of the grants we applied for might come through?) and then will cut down to very little work outside the house. There certainly is enough work at home for anyone!!! LOL!

But, it is a small price to pay for three lives. A very small price, small inconvenience. Everyone in the family has pitched in to make this possible. Every single person - the kids have been amazing and really understand what we are doing and why. God is so good!

Well, off to finish preparations for the rummage sale! The girls are going to help Grandma with it tomorrow, as I have to be at work, and then we will all be there on Saturday!

Have a blessed day and weekend! Just had to share the good news! Miracles continue to happen. Our agency was dubious that we could get approval before the end of June, and yet here we are! Thank you God for simple blessings like fast paperwork!


Laurie N said...

Hi Christy. I hope all is well with you and yours. In case you have a few minutes of downtime, I've tagged you for the 10 Honest things award on my blog: http://commonsensehomesteading.blogspot.com/2009/06/10-honest-things-about-yourself.html

Christy O said...

Got it done, what fun!