A life of love

A life of love
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ordinary Hero!

People have asked for how they can help, and I really do appreciate it!  We have several fundraising things going on currently!  I really like the fundraisers where YOU get something too!  I do appreciate straight donations, don't get me wrong, but I also like it this way!

Vine Candles!  We have the most amazing soy candles and goat milk soap based lotions.  There are sixteen candle scents and four lotion scents.  We have been selling them at church, but will take the month of April off, at least at church.  I still have quite a few left and can fill orders!  If you are interested, get in touch and I will get you more information.  They are $14 for one item, $25 for 2, and $37 for three - lotions and candles can be mixed and matched!  Look for our table at Celebration Church again in May!  Or I can get some to you now!

Seroogy Chocolates!  We are just getting this going, but we will be able to offer the best chocolates around!  I will have all the details for you shortly, feel free to order! 

(Both of these companies are local companies, so your money stays at home!!!  And we make a 50% profit on both!)

Ordinary Hero - we have begun this also.  I don't know if anyone dearly loves meaningful t-shirts, but this company was created by an adoptive mom to help adoptive families!  I get 40% of every purchase. Add my affiliate name at checkout.  There is a button on the sidebar!  Feel free to share!

We are also thinning down around the house.  I have a nearly perfect green and tan (very current styles) graco stroller, and the matching infant carseat that locks onto the stroller.  It is absolutely adorable, wonderful and I had been given it as we are adopting.  Well, international adoption being what it is, our littlest girl will be too big for it by the time we are able to get her home.  I would love to get it to someone who can use it right away this spring. Since we are heavily into fundraising for this adoption, I would like to sell it for something, to complete our friend's intention of benefiting our little girl.  New I know they are expensive (but oh, so worth it for the quality).  I would like to ask $50 if that seems reasonable.  I can send photos as soon as my husband gets home to help me with the camera.  Will deliver to Green Bay, Denmark, Kewaunee, or nearby areas as we go by! So, in case you are local and can use it, get in touch!  I will be replacing it with a double stroller!

I also have a wonderful Medella breastpump (Pump N Style) that I had gotten last year before Sammy died, having planned to nurse him when he came home.  Needless to say, I don't need this!  A and K are beyond this stage.  It is totally complete, in the box.  I would love to get $75 to replace what I spent on it (I got it very lightly used).  Again, it all goes right into the adoption fund!

Thanks everyone.  I hope this helps some other folks see a variety of ways to fund an adoption!  It takes creativity but there are lots of options!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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DramaMama said...

I just found the link to your blog through WPFF's facebook - thanks for sharing! I don't know if you've found a buyer for the stroller yet, but I might be interested. We do foster care and hope to adopt more through the system. We are about an hour south of you along the lakefront, I think...so not exactly local. But if you're having trouble finding a buyer, let me know - thanks!