A life of love

A life of love
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Saturday, March 26, 2011


We have been threatening to learn to make our own tortillas for some time and today was finally the day!

Turns out it is really simple and doesn't take a ton of time overall.  We made about 45 tortillas, all about 6 inches in diameter.  They tasted especially good with lunch meat as a wrap!  The Ethiopian born kiddos told me that it tasted like "kika" which is a tradition Ethiopian bread.  I had no idea, but it is blindingly simple. 

We love tortillas and go through a ton.  But of course, the prices are through the roof.  And when you think about the amount that our crew eats, well that makes it a bit of a delicacy.  We figured that we spent $4.60 on the flour (ten pound bag), 1 cup of shortening all total, a bit of salt and warm water.  According to how many tortillas my math whiz of a husband figured we could make from that bag of flour, it puts each tortilla at four cents a tortilla!  Way cheaper than what I buy at the store, much fresher, and I can play around with the recipe!  My budgeting mind is just spinning figuring how much that cuts out of what is taken up by buying tortillas!!!  I figured that I could MAKE about 90 tortillas for what I pay for ten at the store, and maybe even more than that!  Cool!!!!!

And honestly, it was fun!  Hubby and I mixed up the batter together, you let it rest for 20 minutes, and then start dividing it up into little balls, then roll each ball between wax paper (with rolling pin), pop it in the hot cast iron pan (no oil), fifteen seconds on each side twice, and it is done - or watch what it looks like and stop when it looks like you want it to.  I had kids joining in on the fun too.  I figured we would, but it is much easier once I have figured it out myself - can't really teach very well what I don't know - at least it takes longer.  After a while we ended up with assembly line style making of tortillas!  I can see where you could get really good at this and it would be a very simple process to do on a regular basis!

I have to admit though, I took the recipe from another blog and here is the link: Chickens in the Road Tortillas.

Chickens in the Road is a blog that I love, so please check it out.  She is just amazing and her blog is gorgeous!  I am not yet that creative, but am sure having fun with my blog! 

I never thought I would love cooking, but perhaps it is the company I keep when I am cooking - it isn't just preparing a meal, it is doing something for the family, with the family.  I love the chats we have while we work on things, and the things we all learn together.  I think each of the kids in the family regularly spends time cooking with me, and they thank whoever made the meal, and make a point of thanking everyone who helped with it!  Even my boys cook!  We are working to make it a very regular occurrence with each child as I want each one to be very able to cook for themselves by the time the are on their own.  At least to cook somewhat and maybe to even enjoy it!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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Steve said...

Tortillas were one of those things I always figured would be complicated, or tricky, or just more trouble than they were worth.

Not so!