A life of love

A life of love
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

New update!!!

Okay guys, here it is! Life is rolling along as usual!

My birthday is coming up, and we are in the adoption mode again. After losing our dear Sammy, we decided to continue with what God had started, and we finished the homestudy. It is done! With the new bathroom, things are all set. Our homestudy has been sent to several agencies that deal with special needs adoption, and Bethany Christian Services has put us on their domestic list, especially for a special needs child. At this point, our worker is not aware of any other families that would consider adopting a special needs child. And to top it off, she is presenting our information to a 19 year old mom who just found out that her baby has Down Syndrome. I believe that they know the child is a girl (though who really cares???). The baby is due in September. So, family profiles are being presented to the birthmom next week! Deep breath!!! Ours is done and in our worker's hands.

I don't know what to tell you about what I feel at this point. We honestly had stepped away from all the anticipation and all once things were done, so to get the email about this baby was a shock. And a thrill.

I don't know that what will happen, what I want to happen.

Do I want to mother another infant? Yes!

Do I have concerns about Down Syndrome? No, we dealt with that before.

Have I put all my emotions on hold in the recent past? About this - yes.

I am excited to think that we might get the chance again! But we shall see. At least our information is out there. So, we are going about this in the "typical fashion".

In order to complete a domestic special needs adoption there are fees, though no where near what we paid for our international adoption. Whoo-hoo! To meet that need (or put on account for that need, to be only used for that or worst case to be donated for someone else's need), we are having a special fundraiser on my birthday - July 14th! I found an Etsy seller who supports adoption in her store and she helps families fundraise for their adoptions. She has the coolest necklaces! I just fell in love with her stuff and ordered two - one for a present and one for me. They were affordable - $10 each! And so cute! So, consider ordering and following the instructions below on July 14th! That day only! Please feel free to pass the information on to anyone who may be interested! I am stocking up on necklaces and things for Christmas and birthdays and what not. $5 of each sale goes directly to our adoption fees of a special needs child. If God intervenes and we cannot adopt a child within a reasonable time frame, we will donate the proceeds to Reece's Rainbow, an organization that helps children with Down Syndrome find forever families - they have grants on many of the kids on their site and really do a great work!

God is at work, I never seem to have a clear view until we get closer, we just take one step at a time! Selfishly, after spending a great evening with my family, I so hope that we are to expand our family. I completely don't understand people who don't want to have the energy going on that we see - but then I have a different perspective! LOL! I have to, we have eight kids! If I didn't have a different perspective, I think I would have to lose my mind!!!! But what a joy this is, how could it ever end? More is always more love!

So, if you would like to be part of this, without having to put up with eight or more kids running around your property, doing laundry and cooking for all of them (you know this is tongue in cheek!!!!) please consider our special sale on July 14th! Please follow the links and the directions, send to whomever you know that might be interested, heck, send to everyone you know!!!! I know that it will benefit this kind woman who is donating her time and effort for children in need of homes, as well as our adoption efforts! If God were to intervene one way or the other and we didn't need the funds, we would get it to another family, to help with getting another child a forever home.

So, if you would like to be part of this, here is the information:
On that 1 day (July 14th) any PENDANT NECKLACE purchase made that the buyer leaves me a message in "Notes To Seller" that it is for your adoption fundraiser, I will donate $5 towards each purchase to your adoption fund. - From the seller.

So, go to: Oswald family adoption fundraiser and see what she has available! It is great, just for fun and beauty, and very affordable! I hope you enjoy it, and find some wonderful treasures! My family members and co-workers are likely to get items from Sarah's site!

Again, thanks for considering the need of these kids, and the need of families who hope to open their homes to children that might not otherwise have homes!!!! God bless you all!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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