A life of love

A life of love
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No news...

Tsion's MRIs (three of them) were done today. It was a long day, basically waiting in the waiting room while she was sedated through the whole thing.

And of course, we have no information and will begin the long waiting process until next Wednesday when we meet with the neurosurgeon to discuss the findings and where we go from here.


It was stressful and agonizing. I stayed with her (they only allowed two to come into the MRI room and I needed Zeri to interpret for us) until the gas took affect and she was sound asleep. She was quite the trooper and the staff was amazing - no IV until she was asleep and very gentle and sweet. I think she must have been scared, though she insisted she wasn't even nervous. But...

So, it was a long day. Thanks (huge, huge thanks) to my mom who took six of the kids (since we had two), and then John, my dad, left work and took two of the boys to their first soccer practice since the tests were going on and on and on. and then he ran them to the house and waited until we finally arrived. I don't know what we would have done without them.

Everyone is well and content with how the day turned out. I, on the other hand, am trying very hard not to think about all the things they could have found on those tests. Too much knowledge (neurology coursework and professional work) can really make one a bit spastic about these things.

We serve a big God, one who can see this entire tapestry. He knows what is going on in our daughter's body. He created it. He knows what is to come. He knew all along when he placed her in our family what was to come. This is not a surprise to him at all. "What, you mean her epilepsy seems to be caused by a malfunction in her brain? No way! I never would have thought of that!!!". As Pastor Mark would say, God isn't standing there saying "Oh, myself!". (Instead of "oh, God" or something like that - it is funny now, but it took me hearing it a couple times to get it.)

Well, it isn't much of an update, but it is what we have.

And it is Zeri and Solly's second Gotcha Day! Yay! Nothing special given all that went on today, but I think we will do a cake or cookies tomorrow!

God bless, sleep well!

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