A life of love

A life of love
Everyone should have a Great Pyrenees

Monday, April 20, 2009

Welcome to Spring in Wisconsin!

Okay, to set the stage:

We have two dogs, we live in the middle of nowhere, and the dogs during the day generally stay outside on chains (they love to roam, so we have to keep them safe while we work to teach them better). They have a HUGE doghouse, that is always stocked with a huge water bucket. So, they have comfy digs, for farm dogs anyway.

We went to church on Sunday morning, very early as usual, and had errands to run after church. So the dogs were outside.

Unfortunately it started to rain. Fortunately they have a great doghouse that we hoped they would use - sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

Oh, and being Wisconsin, a wonderful about 70 degree day must be followed by a freezing cold, wet 38 degree day. Sunday would be the latter. Ugh.

No problem, we had worked really hard on the nice day to do all the outside stuff so we could be inside on the coming yucky day.

And then we got home to this:

The princess was not happy. Generally she is white, but who would know?
abby yuck

So, our plan to go inside was not going to happen. Our dogs come inside when we are home or generally want them for company or they want us for company.

But needless to say not like this. And did I forget to mention that it was 38 degrees? And my bathroom is finally painted and has pretty shower curtains and I didn't want some dirty dog tossing muddy water all the way to my ceiling as she shook? Generally baths in the tub (for dogs) result in me needing to wash every wall and surface as all that water and soap simply MUST be shared with the walls, ceiling and light fixtures, to say the least.

No way, no how. So the deed must be done outside. Generally I like to wait for a nice warm day to do this to them and me (because of course, I will end up soaked too). Did I mention it was 38 degrees? And the water from our well comes out at about 50? Ugh.

See very not happy dog beginning to get washed:

Notice all the needed help?
many hands

Oh my, "must you?" must have been in her mind.
start at the top

The shampooing begins:
soapy dog

Look out, here it comes!!!
shaking 1

shaking 2

The photos that didn't get done are all the towels that were used to rub the poor thing dry! We let her shake and shake and shake, and then dried and dried and dried. And THEN she could go in the house!!!

Ah, but there was another culprit, but his mud doesn't show as well:

And labs' coats repel water, so washing them is a whole 'nother experience.
washing ranger

Can we say "NOT a happy dog?"?
wet ranger

And now he too can shake off, followed by many towels and drying and then in the warmer house!
shake, ranger, shake

Ah, but the true scene of the crime! The real mess they made while we were gone!
poor tree

The hole had been smaller around the tree, this poor ancient tree that was barely hanging on anyway, as you can tell by the trunk.
tree 2

tree close up

After this fiasco, the decision that had been long put off was made, and dear hubby went out and chopped the silly thing down. I don't think it would have made it this year anyway, but the dogs certainly didn't help!

So, a multitude of us were wet and cold by the time all this was done, as well as being somewhat sore from the work of the day before! That was it! Kids could watch videos and relax in cozy pajamas for the rest of the day! Mom threw in the towel, set the timer and washed dishes in 15 minute increments, spaced in between with some reading time! What a day!

Did I mention that it was 38 degrees?

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Gotta love dogs, right?