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A life of love
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Check this out!

Hi all,
I have a few blogs that I follow quite a bit, and one of them is by Tom Davis, the author of "Red Letters: Living a Faith that Bleeds" (by the way, an absolutely phenomenal book if you have not read it. It will challenge you and remind you of what God called us for. I cannot begin to praise it enough. I will be reading it over and over, and over again.). Anyway, on Tom's blog he discussed adoption, in a most interesting way. He really brought up a lot that we struggled with as we adopted our sons, and as I tried to deal with everything I saw over there, the overwhelming need, and all those left behind that I just didn't know how to help. Anyway, I highly recommend you read this post, and he has a follow up one. Of course I couldn't resist commenting on both of them, you will recognize me! But also, read through all the comments, because there are so many good ones, and I found many people struggling with the same things I have struggled with. Is adoption the best answer?
And the second blog post is: Part 2.
For all of us who have adopted, who are in process, or who have ever considered it, we have not only opened our homes and hearts, but have forever linked ourselves with something that is beyond us - another country, culture, people, social issues, need, and the overwhelming love our Lord has for everyone, but most especially for the "least of these".
Love to you all!


nirwin said...

Hi Christy,
I am Tom’s assistant here at Children’s Hope Chest. He wanted me to let you know that he appreciates your heart for the orphans and for helping support the cause. I was wondering where you adopted your sons from? May God greatly bless you.

Christy O said...

Hi Nicole,
My boys are from Ethiopia, and we seem to have added to or started a trend - when I came home with our boys, I had traveled with some friends who brought three siblings home (our children had lived together for years, two more are coming home to another family we are very close to - you can check out our full story at www.caringbridge.org/visit/ethiopia2greenbay.)
And this month another dear friend from church travels to bring home her young adopted daughter from Ethiopia. It was fairly rare when we did it, but it seems that we have sort of become the "poster children" in our church and gotten folks thinking. We keep stating that adoption is not the answer for Africa/Ethiopia, but it was for our children. We all hope to be involved in orphan care and encourage others to do so also. I follow Tom's blog, and have read, recommended and passed around "Red Letters". I love his heart for orphans and believe that we can change the world for so many.
Thanks for your kind words.

nirwin said...


Thank you for sharing your story with me and many others. It is encouraging! If you think your church is interested in getting involved with orphan care in Ethiopia. Please contact Hannah, hannah@hopechest.org. I'll forward your amazing story to Her so she can read it and know who you are if you contact her. For the Fatherless, Nicole

Christy O said...

Hi Mom!
I am leaving you a comment because I am so excited to get an E-mail from that lady with the springer spaniel. I just can't wait to get her!!
Please E-mail me sometime