A life of love

A life of love
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Go Fish "Mom Song"

Hi all!
I wasn't necessarily going to post yet today, and then I found this YouTube video thanks to another blog that I love! You need to check this out!!!!


I will double check this link, but it should work. The group is called "Go Fish" and this is the Mommy Song. It is hysterical and I needed to hear it this morning! It inspired me to hop to it! Fun and honest. I haven't heard of these guys before, but you know I will be checking them out.

Today is an at home day, mostly. I need to run to the local dump. Ugh. At least usually I have two kids to come with me to make the job more fun. See out here in the boonies it costs a fortune to have garbage pickup. Literally. More than cable. Ugh. Cannot lose the History channel for the convenience of garbage pickup!!! Or American Idol - heaven forbid! Or Extreme Home Makeover!!! So, to be able to keep that, and not break the budget, we have a small pickup truck with a cap. The theory was that it could pull a trailer, but in all honesty it is too small. But it does great as a mobile garbage can! We load it up regularly (and let me tell you, we recycle or reuse whatever we can so we don't have to do this too often!) and when it gets full, we go to the dump! It is a happy and unhappy time - happy to see it all go, but yuck, what a job! I do it, so who am I to complain when I get my wonderful, quiet country home?

So, anyway, I am going to drag the kids outside and we are going to make sure the truck is as full as it can get with the yard debris from winter, and then I will make the trek to the dump. It is always considered an adventure by the kids to come with mom on this job even though they generally just ride along. Whoo -hoo!!! Why this is so exciting, I don't know, but the kids trade off and off we go. I don't remember whose turn it is this time, but the kids certainly will!

And other than that, and maybe on the way back picking up an old freezer to use for grain storage, we are home! Yay!

I got to spend the most wonderful evening last night at a purse party (Zag Bag if you have ever heard of it, I hadn't). It was a great time with dear friends, browsing, and being creative. But most of all, I ended up staying out past my curfew talking with two wonderful women that I love dearly. We got to talking about our experiences in Ethiopia, and the upcoming trip for our friend. It really sent me back and refreshed all those memories, and as Lisa and I recounted our experiences from our trip (we traveled together to bring home our adopted children) it really helped me to process all that we had experienced and all that we had experienced since then. It really helped us to put the changes in our lives in perspective. Our children have changed our lives, our children's lives and us overall. Anyway, it was so refreshing, and put things in such perspective for me, well, we turned around and nearly three hours had passed!!! Oh, my goodness! I haven't had that happen in ages!!!! But how nice to share parenting with good friends, and with a friend who will travel to Ethiopia. We could tell her what we saw, recommend things, and then share our experiences. A truly surreal time.

So, today is back to the usual, daily things. The laundry monster is almost conquered, I can see the end in sight (at our house the end means that everything is contained within the baskets in the laundry room and not creeping onto the floor and out of the laundry room door!), and dishes are contained! Whoo - hoo! It takes so little to make me happy. But it is all good. The little things are so foundational for the big things, so needed, without them the big things cannot happen. I am learning to focus on those, though I have to admit that I am a slow learner. So today is things like the routine things, and washing the floors! But the clean smells and lovely freshness is priceless!

So, we are off to the day. Time to make sure that the kids are finishing up their chores so we can start the academics. And I need to bake bread today. So, on we go!!! Hope you have a delightful day, and I will try to be more creative another time. But do check out the Mom Song!!! It will bring a lift to your spirit!

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