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A life of love
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Relaxation breathing through the election....

Whew.  I don't know about you, but we are ready to vote tomorrow and get this election over with!  Between all the robo calls - I have now talked to Pat Boone, Clint Eastwood and some other celebrity whose name escapes me at the moment, as well as all the regular people voices - the mailers, the radio ads, the TV ads, and all the discussion and hype, I am so ready for this to get over with.  The kids keep asking when the commercials will stop - tomorrow morning?  Nope, tomorrow will be worse.  But soon, we hope.

I know that this is all really important, and I know that many of us have quite strong opinions on which candidates we want to see come into office, and I know it has far reaching implications.  But, I also hope that we will all keep clear heads and know that God continues to be in control, no matter the outcome.  Ultimately, that is the platform I am most concerned with - God's.  He can use anything for his purposes.  Even candidates we don't want to see in office.  Whatever, whoever.

This year Alex will vote for the first time, the first of our kids to be of age to do so.  I am pretty sure I know how he is voting, but only because of what he has said to me.  Do I know who I want him to vote for?  Certainly.  Should I be telling him who to vote for?  NO.  Will I share with him my thoughts and reasons and research?  Absolutely.  But it is between him and God who he votes for.

And maybe that is really the attitude we need to all have as we walk into this.  We have all had our chances to talk about what we want people to hear, to try to persuade, to make our thoughts and beliefs known.  Tomorrow, let's just vote.  Peacefully, with gentle spirits in our hearts, but each do our part and vote.  Make our own preferences known, perform our civic duty, and our responsibilities of citizenship.  Just vote.  The hubbub of the campaign ultimately comes down to tomorrow and how each of us vote.  Not anymore who we try to influence, other than to encourage people to get out and make their wishes known.  Support our candidates and respect the offices we are voting for.

But in the end, let's all go to bed with gentle hearts, with the knowledge that our peaceful democratic process has yet again run its course.  Not all of us will be happy with the results.  But will anger, wailing and gnashing of teeth change anything - no.  If something needs to be changed, then let's work through the correct channels to do so, but otherwise, we need to rest in the vote.

And no, I don't think it is a perfect system, and I may be very unhappy with some results tomorrow - or very happy.  I don't know.  But in the end, I will tuck my kids into bed, start another load of laundry, pay some bills, maybe sip some tea or a glass of wine, and grab a book to snuggle down with as the results continue to come in.  In reality, in my day to day reality, many things won't change drastically no matter the outcome.  I wish they would.  I think over time things do.  But honestly, Wednesday morning I will still get up, get some breakfast going, herd toddlers and teens, feed my horses and other animals, and continue our life.  There are many things that we hope this election will improve, but it won't happen on Wednesday - though I would love it if the price of gas dropped through the floor!!  But really, change is a slow process, and we all have to just keep living.

I don't want to sound like I don't care, because I do, wildly.  I lean very hard in one direction.  But the sun will not change its direction based on the election, and God won't be surprised no matter what.  Remember, we are all citizens, in ONE nation, under God, indivisible.  We have the choice to keep it that way.

God bless and vote your heart.  But VOTE!!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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Tina Hollenbeck said...

Yes, do let's vote peacefully with gentle hearts - that's as it should be. However, I wonder if the elements on the left who've promised to riot if they lose will follow through on their threats. I'm not sure they're just bluffing. On the other hand, I've not heard of anyone on the right threatening that...and no one did it '08. So we'll see what tomorrow holds...but I'm more than a little afraid that things won't die down if the correct decision is made for our country's ultimate good.