A life of love

A life of love
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's not just our Azeb who needed a home!

I don't know how many of you are intensely following this, but we were blessed to be able to take donations via Reece's Rainbow and to better know that organization in this last adoption.  God has truly moved in our lives, challenged us and led us to our two youngest daughters and the world of raising a child with recognized special needs (two of our kids have type 1 diabetes and we don't consider them special needs in that context - we talk about medical special needs, which is different).  Reece's Rainbow advocates for children with Down Syndrome (primarily) that are waiting for forever families - most of whom will never be adopted, and many of whom may likely perish in institutions never knowing the love of a family.  I am just overwhelmed to think of all the children who wait, who may never be tucked in at night, who many never have the opportunity to grow in love and nurturing.  Because it is true.  There are many children with special needs, with Down Syndrome particularly, who are unrecognized as valuable, as a life to be nurtured and loved.

We protest that thought.

Totally protest that.  I protest that any child grow up without a family to love them and support them.  That any child doesn't have all the love and support that every child deserves.

Reece's Rainbow is an amazing organization.  I am so blessed to have gotten to know them.  I simply cannot look at their waiting children lists.  In all honesty, it breaks my heart.  I have a half a second of wondering about trying again someday, and then am called back by the needs of my kids at home and know that right now it is not within our resources to bring another child into our family.  I refuse to dictate to God that we are done - honestly because each time we have done that, it has been almost like a challenge to God and soon we are expanding our family again.  I simply don't know what God will call us to.  I know that I feel that at the moment He knows that we are full.  That we are using everything we have for the kids He has lovingly placed into our homes.  We are blessed.  We are overwhelmed at some moments, bu through Christ all things are possible.  We know that our littlest ones need so much right now, that our teens need us actively with them in their rapidly expanding lives, that our tweens/almost teens need us too.  We are so fully blessed.  I know what we are called to today.  I do at the moment think our family may be complete, if God so dictates, we may add to it.  I simply cannot imagine it right now.  But on the other hand, before I wish it would happen, several children will fly the nest, become adults (oh, way too rapidly for their mama).  God has a plan.  I don't know what it will be in the future. God has already brought us so far that we never ever would have imagined.  I don't want to tell Him what our future should be (though the lottery would be lovely, if You are listening God!).  I need to take each step that He has laid out for me.

And I do think that for today, our role is to advocate for other children in need. For children like Azeb.  For children who were born with challenges that the world does not see as valuable.  They are.  Just as valuable as any other child.

So, I want to share this link with you: http://onestepclosertohome.blogspot.com/2012/06/racing-for-orphans-with-down-syndrome.html">Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome - Ironman.  This amazing man is raising money to support the effort to get these kids into homes.  Reece's Rainbow assists with fundraising - the funds raised - listed on our sidebar - are for our post adoption work, thankfully that is the last bit we have left to go.  They have GRANTS for children on their list!!!!  If you are interested in adopting a child with Down Syndrome or another special need who is on their list, there are many grants, some are absolutely huge!!!!  What a huge blessing and help in the process.  Honestly, the finances of adoption are daunting.  We are still repaying loans that we got to bring our kids home.  We have paid off each one before starting another, and a sacrifice that we don't count, but it is still a challenge. We are making payments on what it took to bring our kids to a loving home.  So, these grants are huge to adopting families!!!  You can help bring a child to a family who is willing to love and raise them - possibly for an entire lifetime of care. What a huge gift.  Please, please go to this link.  Read it, learn more.  This wonderful athlete is working to raise awareness and funds for children with Down Syndrome in need of families!  What a creative way to bring awareness of the need to the world.  We each reach out in our own way, and reach those that might hear us.  We are facing a season in which we can raise awareness and hopefully help others adopt children who desperately need homes.  There are several kids on the website that just break my heart, each child speaks to a different family, to a different person - but all I can do right now is pray and raise awareness.  If that is our role now, we will gladly do that.

Please check out this website listed above and visit Reece's Rainbow.  Each life is of value.  Each child deserves love.

I look at Azeb - who can make us crazy as she tests every boundary, and then will scrunch up her little face and let loose with a belly laugh that will just challenge you to not laugh along with her - even when you should be scolding her!  I cannot imagine her little life not being of value.  As she trucks all over, following me, or running away (there is a 50/50 chance of either), exploring the dirt, chasing down a cat (that a few short weeks terrified her) so she can hug it, petting one of our dogs, or telling me a story in her own version of words, jargon and gestures - so clear at times that I totally understood it, well, how could she not be part of a family?  A family to care for her, to look out for her, to nurture her, to entice her to be all that she can be?  EVERY child deserves that!!!!

Okay, off my soapbox.  I need to go feed an orphaned kitten. And check on the chicks that hatched in the incubator in the last two days ( up to six now!), and keep watching the epic news reports of the recall election of our State of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  And sleep because tomorrow I will take one kiddo to renew his temps (for driving), and then to our time at the stable, then schooling, then the usual!!!!

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

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