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A life of love
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby Blankets

I have been praying lately for ways to pay things forward, to somehow do something for ministry, for others. It is really important to me, and as you know, orphans and adoption is huge on my heart.

I have met two other families out here who literally have just returned from Ethiopia, having adopted older children and one is going back in four weeks for her second adopted son (they passed court two months apart from each other). She just posted on facebook that in the southern part of Ethiopia there is a huge need for baby blankets as the hospitals and clinics want to be able to send a baby blanket home with each new mom, so they don't have enough in the clinic and to send home. The poverty is unimaginable in this country where we buy fancy cribs, huge wardrobes, and every gadget that can be conceived of, for our babies, much less that the hospital would need to give us something. These families don't even have a baby blanket for their newborns.

So, my friend would like to take baby blankets with her to this area (where both of her sons are from). I am going through what I have saved, what I just couldn't let go of, and even what I have saved for our hopes of another baby in our household - because really, if we were blessed with a baby, that baby would be showered with so many gifts from loving family and friends or we could go and purchase what would be so simple to get here! So, I am going to go through our things, and then hit our thrift stores to get more, and have put a request out on freecycle. I am hoping to be able to knit a couple quickly or get a couple quickly quilted up (my girls and I love to sew), but time is so tight, that I don't know if I could, but we will try!

So, if you are interested or know of someone who might be interested in helping with this project, please contact me! And, if you know of other needs like this, anywhere, please let me know. If we all mobilize, imagine the change we can be in the world!


Hezra said...

I would love love LOVE to help with this, but too, may not be able-- would I ship them to you? You may email me. And will there be any future situations like this? I have been wanting desperately to get this type of ministry started, but I have no contacts.Please send me info??
hezra(underscore)at(underscore) home@yahoo.come

Abby Hunt said...

What a fantastic project!! From someone who also lives in a 3rd world country (well, maybe 2.5), let me just tell you that this project will be a bigger blessing to those people than most American can even imagine. Thanks to you and to all who respond to this project!! You are making a difference -even if it seems small to you!

gbmom2407 said...

LOVE the new layout!!

Vani said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

Baby Blankets