A life of love

A life of love
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover Oswald Edition!

I would have to say that my absolute favorite TV show is Home Makeover! I love it. I love seeing the amazing people out there and the wonderful things they do, and I so love seeing people coming together to really change lives. Thank goodness for Tivo as we don't always get to it when it is on, but it is definitely a weekly event around here.

We have watched it for years. And then as it turns out, we have been nominated three times, by three different people/organizations. That in and of itself is totally humbling. And a bit disturbing as we don't focus on the negative, but focus on doing life. And because you are hearing this on my blog, obviously we weren't selected. That's ok.

Not that it wouldn't be way, way cool and relieve a lot of various burdens, but really, who really gets that kind of thing happening in their life?

So, anyway, after watching the show tonight while working on the ironing (ugh), I got a silly bee in my bonnet. The kids talk about the show all the time and how neat it would be and what the house might be like and all. Well, since we are so focused on doing things ourselves, doing the best with what we have and all that, what if we (or me) just focused on doing things ourselves? Needless to say, it wouldn't be an entire house in seven days and we still will never take a vacation (never have but is sure sounds like a cool concept - but not in our lifetime!), but we always need to focus on doing what we CAN.

I am a really big one on doing what we CAN, whatever it is.

Our bathroom is nearly redone - don't laugh, when we moved in the plumbing for the shower was on the OUTSIDE of the wall. Now it is INSIDE the wall, the walls are tiled, the room repainted and it looks so much better. It still needs a new toilet and floor repairs, but that will most likely wait. The toilet sweats in humid weather, which has dripped onto the floor for so long, that the floor behind the toilet is, well, not exactly complete - no holes (but I'm not looking too closely) and it is sturdy and nothing moving. The plan is that the toilet will be replaced by one that doesn't sweat and the floor repaired and the hardwood restored.

However, we have one bathroom (yes, I know there are ten of us - but families years ago used to do it all the time) so the toilet cannot be out of commission for long at all. Hence the strategic planning.

And, we really, okay, I would really like for us to return to having a family closet - where everyone's clothes are in one place, the same room the laundry room is in - so, needless to say for us it would need to be large! Our current laundry room is about five feet by five feet at the most. It includes the washer, the dryer, and three baskets for sorting laundry. It is a bit of a hoot as you have to open the washer door first, then the dryer door to transfer clothes from one to another. There is very little open floor space, so only one person at a time can be in there - and it is one of the exits from the house - to the side yard and pastures.

There is no room in the house to relocate this either. With about 2100 square feet and ten of us, there isn't a lot to spare, not to mention the plumbing issues. The laundry room used to be a small back porch, converted now. Hey, at least it has a real door now! It used to have just a screen door and we had to plastic it shut in the winter to keep things warm. And the door from the laundry room to the house has to be open at all times in the winter so the washer doesn't freeze. LOL! But I am so grateful to have the laundry room at all - we went without for nine months and that was HORRIBLE. Laundromat. Need I say more??????

In the upstairs, there is one outlet. Not one working outlet, but one outlet. And only two light switches - the rest of the rooms have ceiling fans with lights that must be turned on by pull chains. Again, an improvement - when we moved in there were simply light bulbs hanging down by wires! Now, you have to remember there are eight kids up there, including our schoolroom. Not exactly functional! Oh, well. The other huge plan is that we will have an electrician out here to wire the upstairs. Add light switches and outlets!!! Wouldn't that be nice? We were able to get another used computer, which would be used intensely for school work, but as of yet, do not have a way to get it working upstairs unless we run and extension cord - and that isn't a long term solution. Maybe not even a short term solution - those cords make me nervous!!!

So, in reality - Ty is not going to show up on our doorstep - no matter how much the kids wish he would!!! LOL! So, we have to do what we can.

Here is our current extreme makeover:
My goal for the next three days is a redo of how I do ironing. Currently the ironing board is set up behind the piano in the middle of our living room, and the things needing to be ironed get hung on my eliptical so the wrinkles don't get any worse until I can get to things! LOL again. Here is our current situation:


Not so great, huh?

Not like there is space to have that where it is.

So, here is what I am promising - a "big reveal" tomorrow!!!!

Perhaps in life, the huge makeovers would be amazing, but they are unlikely to happen.

So, we can either wallow in frustration that it cannot just magically be better, or we can do something about it.

And sometimes, there will be things we cannot do anything about at this point in time (like the electrical upstairs, the bathroom downstairs or adding on to the house for a family closet). But, there are many things that we can take charge of and DO something about. Like the ironing pile. Obviously the laundry room cannot accomodate it, but I will have something new implemented by tomorrow night.

So, check back to see what has happened! It cannot be "move that bus!" so I will have to think of something else for fun!

Take "a lick at a snake" is a southern phrase that basically means that you can do it a little at a time.

Of course then I keep adding to the lists of the makeovers I want to do..... But that will have to wait - there is time and plans and energy for this makeover today and tomorrow. Another day, another makeover! I will have to see how creative I can be!

Have a blessed day, and do what you are able to do! "Blessings done imperfectly are still blessings". Don't get hung up on what you cannot do, or what you want to do, but look for what you CAN do today!


gbmom2407 said...

You CAN do it! (if you need an electritian referal let me know...)
Happy day.

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