A life of love

A life of love
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Please pray for baby Stellan

Hi all,
I have several favorite blogs - my husband will forever regret introducing me to the blogging world! Well, several have posted about baby Stellan today. Please pray for this little guy - at first there were serious concerns when we was in utero, and now he is several months old, but having heart trouble. It sounds like it came on unexpectedly, but is very serious. Please pray for this little guy and his family. Their story and blog can be found at Baby Stellan. It is an amazing story of faith and love, and they are in a hard spot right now.

It reminds me that many of the things that I worry about are completely in God's hands, and I need to let him handle it. But to do that with grace, me the control freak???? If something needs to be done, well, just let me get on it. Sometimes I think God is teaching me something about that through our entire family journey. I need to do all that I can, and leave the rest up to God. Unfortunately, I am a really hard worker, so I come up with lots that I can do! Oh, well, I am moving along, really I am. I keep trying.

So, please pray for baby Stellan, and hug all your little ones tonight (or not so little ones as my growing boys like to keep reminding me - but I am still taller than they are!!!). God loves us all and he promises us a hope and a future, but sometimes it doesn't come out the way we thought it would. Actually, hubby and I had a great time laughing about that on Sunday as Pastor Mark was preaching about change that is forced on us - as we all see in today's current economic climate lots of change is forces upon us - but we have seen so many changes in our life that had you asked us even ten years ago - we would have never believed it. And I am so grateful. But many of the changes are things we didn't sign up for - or were results that we didn't see coming from things we did sign up for. And we are different people because of it. And I am so glad. I hope we are more interesting!

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gbmom2407 said...

We are praying for Stellan!