A life of love

A life of love
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun with YouTube

Hi all,
First of all I want to thank anyone who was praying for us this last week or so. It has been a long, emotional week, but I think I am sort of seeing the sunshine. It is hard when our hearts are involved, and our family is all about our kids, every last one of them. I don't understand why things turn out the way they do, but I know that it is never a surprise to God. Sometimes I wish I had a memo, or a crystal ball to tell me how things will work out, but it is all about a faith walk. And some days I walk better than others. I do believe that God understands. I believe that he was OK with me not wanting to talk to him for a few days, in my hurt. He never goes away, even when I am arguing with him. Thank God for that! He loves us no matter what. He is never surprised that we are human, and that we struggle. I still miss our little one, and wish for her return, but it is what it is and I do hope that someday we will see through this glass better than we do now (darkly).

And on to my post today. I was browsing some things on YouTube - I get a daily email from Creation Moments, and it is always quite interesting. Found today that they have some small snippets on YouTube. Here is one for you to see, if you are so interested (and then of course there are links to more that they have out there): Creation Moments . Amazing what you can find out there. I did another search and found a comedian who was great, made some good points, but then went on to use some unfortunate language, so I didn't add it on. Too bad. Isn't it amazing - if we could only clean up the language, it would be perfect. I have been finding that with a fair amount of TV and movies lately - what is up with that? (as one of my boys would say) If only the gratuitous sex and foul language would be taken out, it would be perfectly acceptable. Here is a really funny parody : parody. I can laugh because some of it my kids experienced and some I did!!! Not all, but some, and with the right attitude, it is very funny!

And then on that note, sort of, I look around and realize how much of what we have in this life is truly unnecessary. We may like it, we may find it interesting, but is it really necessary? I am really in a paring down mode right now. Some days we realize that there is simply so much "stuff" around us. It makes me feel claustrophobic with winter coming on. So, today was a big day for getting lots of ducks in a row around here. Small projects we have been putting off, small shelves to be hung, pictures to be put up, summer clothes to be packed up (well, that will continue for a bit, it always is a process before everything finally makes it down to the wash and into storage), pictures to be put in frames, and on and on. But it did clear the decks in a couple areas. And the process will continue. I hope that by Christmas we will see a lot less around here. I have had fun selling books on Amazon (any of you who know me really well, know that this is my total downfall - if there is a book out there on anything I am remotely interested in, it will eventually end up here). It is fun to see piles of books I have read or used (or simply let take up space here) go out while a bit of cash comes in for them! Whoo-hoo! Makes the letting go easier! And we have discovered Tradingpost and FreeCycle, which are wonderful too! Last week I delivered a variety of items that basically took up the back end of our van! and I got a bit of money for them! I used that to get a couple small items for the kids for Christmas - a good thing when I start early!

Anyway, I think I have jumbled around a ton yet tonight! What a crazy post. I do know that our family is facing sort of a crossroads. We want to really recover, and get a view for what our family purpose is. It is really important to me that we have a direction, and a purpose, rather than get caught up in just surviving day to day. I know there are moments that this is the best that we can do, but I don't want us to stay in that mode. I know that God has a purpose and plan for us, that there are things that we do well. At the moment we are sort of trying to find our way back, but I know that we will. I cannot yet see through the fog, but it is lifting a little. Thank goodness for that.

Well, I am off to bed, the kids have now come down for the last time - out of the five kids we know that there will be three trips down the stairs, though it is different ones, different times, but always three. The third just headed up again, so we should be set! So, I am headed for a relaxing bubble bath and then we gear up for another day! Bless you all!

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